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Induction of ovulation is a procedure in which the ovaries are encouraged to produce eggs. Ovulation induction is done with the use of medications to stimulate the ovary. When stimulated, the follicles are triggered to mature. Only one egg is released in one cycle.

Ovulation induction is different from controlled ovarian hyper stimulation where more than one primary follicles are stimulated to produce multiple eggs in a single cycle.

Suitable for:

Ovulation of induction is performed on the women who mostly do not ovulate on their own or the rate of ovulation is less and irregular in them. E.g. PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). And now wish to get pregnant.

These women present with complaints of irregular menstrual periods, increased body hair, and cysts on their ovaries. Theses females often complain of infertility.


1. Taking Medications.

Depending on the causes of irregular ovulation, different medications may be prescribed. Treatment normally begins with a drug like clomiphene citrate, which is taken orally. For women who don’t respond to this line of treatment, it is supplemented with an injection of Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH), which leads to the healthy development of the egg.

Treatment with these drugs results in pregnancy only if the woman has good quality eggs reserve in her ovaries. If a women has pre mature ovarian failure, donated eggs is the only viable option for her.

2. Ultrasounds and Blood Samples:

After giving the oral or injectable hormonal medications, the response of the ovaries is assessed with the help of serial ultra-sonographies. That is sonograms done on consecutive days. The growth and the development of the follicles (fluid filled sacs in which egg develops) is monitored in these USGs. Blood tests are also performed to assess the hormonal levels.

3. Triggering Ovulation.

At the time of ovulation, there is LH (luteinizing hormone) surge in the body. In ovulation induction, this LH surge is mimicked with the help of an injection HCG hormone. Ovulation occurs approximately 36 to 38 hours after the injection.

4. Timed Intercourse:

The couple is advised to have intercourse approximately 36 hours after the injection of HCG. In short, the intercourse is expected to happen at the time of ovulation. So the sperms are available to fertilize the egg when the ovulation takes place. For example, if the HCG injection is given at a particular time in the morning, the couple is expected to have intercourse following day around the same time in the night.

Pregnancy Success Rates:

Success rates depend on various factors like the age of the female, the medications given, presence of other infertility factors in the couple.

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