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Natural Cycle IVF is a process in which the process of ovulation is left to happen naturally. In this procedure, no fertility medications are used. Usually, a woman produces one egg during the normal monthly cycle. This naturally released egg is obtained and fertilized in this procedure.

You can undergo natural IVF if you are having regular menstrual periods and the ovulation is occurring on a regular basis and still are not able to get pregnant naturally.

Suitable for:

  1. This procedure may be advised by the treating doctor if you have cancer and are unable to take the fertility medications.
  2. It is also suggested to the patients who are sensitive to the use of fertility medicines
  3. Mostly patients suffering from PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) are at risk of developing OHSS if ovary stimulating drugs are given.
  4. It is suggested to women with high levels of FSH.
  5. Women who produce poor embryos with stimulated IVF procedure.


In a period of a monthly cycle, only one single egg is produced. The growth of this egg is monitored with the help of regular sonographies. Blood tests are done to check the levels of the hormones. Around the time of LH surge (luteinising hormone), the egg is retrieved by the same procedure as in conventional IVF. The egg is now fertilized in the laboratory with the partner’s sperm. The resulting embryo is grown in laboratory from 2-3 days for normal embryo transfer or up to day 5 for blastocyst transfer. No fertility medications are given to the female.


  1. Fewer medications: As no ovary stimulating hormonal medicines are given, the number of medications that a female has to take is reduced.
  2. Less stress: The additional stress of taking hormonal medications is reduced. The risk of OHSS is avoided.
  3. Cost effective: the fertility medicines are costly. By avoiding them, the total cost of the procedure is decreased.
  4. Less rest: as the ovaries are not stimulated, the patient doesn’t have to rest as much as she is advised to do after a conventional IVF.
  5. No multiple pregnancies: the risk of multiple pregnancies is avoided which is very common in conventional IVF.


The birth rate is lower as compared to the conventional IVF treatment. As only one single egg is released in one normal monthly cycle, it is a possibility that the doctors may not be able to collect the egg when required, or it fails to form an embryo.


The risks associated with this procedure are definitely less as the process of ovulation is allowed to happen naturally without any medical intervention.

The natural cycle IVF is the solution to your hesitations regarding Conventional IVF. Call us to discuss your chances!!

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