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We are very happy with Hegde hospital services. We got to know about this hospital through our friend. Dr.Vandana madam has been very polite and humble enough to understand the situation and suggested for tests and accordingly initiated the treatment. Very soon we have got the positive results and we and our family are very happy about it. We recommend this hospital to the needy. Overall it was a wonderful experience. We thank all the doctors and hospital staff.

Shanthi Battiprolu
We are very Happy with Hedge Hospital Services

It was a very good experience in this hospital. All went well from day one with a systematic approach to treatment and proper guidance. The doctor was very caring and she has done the best for normal delivery and it is! Both Mom and baby are well and we are happy about it. Thank you to the management for their caring and hospitality.

Uday Bhaskar
It was a Very Good Experience at Hegde Hospital

The blessings of Motherhood was possible in my life only because of Hegde hospital. After 5 years of rigorous treatment for Infertility, it was only Vandana Hegde who answered all my queries and helped me in attaining Motherhood. She along with her team not only motivated me but encouraged me to go ahead in life. They really boosted up my confidence and gave me the proper treatment. Words will always be less to express my thankfulness to Vandana Hegde mam and her hospital staff. Today I am a proud mother of a baby girl…!!

Shabnam Ahmed
I am a proud mother of a baby girl...!!

We have received very good experience with Dr. Vandana madam in hedge hospital. We have met Dr.Vandana mam in the month of April for the treatment very soon we have received the positive results. She is very humble, listen to our issues very patiently. From day 1 we visited the hospital treatment was in a systematic way with proper guidance. Hospital staff is also very nice. Thank you so much Vandana mam for your guidance on right time. you are most one of the person whom we never forget in our lives.

Gunganti Prathima
you are most one of the person whom we never forget in our lives.

Great Experience!! Me and my wife are extremely happy with “good news” and it’s all due to Hegde Hospital. Excellent hospital. Dr.Vandana Hegde mam is very humble and polite. We met most of the time with Dr.Vandana Mishra man, She is excellent, very friendly and top doctor. Many many thanks to Dr. Vandana Mishra Mam.

Abhishek Shrivastava
Me and My Wife are Extremely Happy with ″Good News″

We have consulted Dr. Vandana Hedge, she was very patient friendly and answered all our queries patiently. Consultation and treatment were very good. Thanks, Vandana Madam and her team.

We strongly recommend her.

We strongly recommend Dr. Vandana Hedge

Before visiting Hegde hospital we had been to many hospitals but never got a positive result. But now under the guidance of Dr. Vandana Hegde madam, we got the positive result in the first month of treatment itself. She is very friendly and treats patients with a lot of care.

We are very happy and our heartfelt thanks to Dr. Vandan Hegde madam, Dr. Kiranmayee and the whole team of Hegde hospital.

Mv Reddy
We are Very Happy and Our Heartfelt thanks to Dr. Vandan Hegde Madam,

I am P. Pallavi Reddy .i am very much happy to find Hegde fertility. The doctors are more patient-friendly. We got the positive results in just 5 consultations. Thank you Vandana madam

Venkat Reddy
Doctors are more Patient Friendly.

We are very happy after today’s good news. We are very thankful to Dr. Vandana Hegde and all associated doctors and staffs for helping us to achieve our long awaited desire. We tried from last 2 years with so many reputed hospitals and doctors but did not work. We almost left hope and then we came to know about Dr. Vandana Hegde. We get positive hope from her and always support us with full confidence with good treatment. And it worked out well. We are very happy today. Thank you Hegde Hospital, Thank you a lot Dr. Vandana Hegde and all associated doctors and staffs.

Debasis Mallick
We are very thankful to Dr. Vandana Hegde and all associated doctors

The world-class Hospital with World Class Treatment( just Google medicines they suggest you will accept with me ) and World class doctors the way Vandana Hegde (she has magic in her hands she diagnoses very well and give you medicine with full clarity, Kiranmayee and Reshmi Took care at the time of Delivery we are very Happy enjoying with a newly born Baby Boy. Very nice staff. The best Hospital in Hyderabad for women for infertility and labor

Raviteja Gajula
Happy Enjoying with a Newly Born Baby Boy.

I’m very happy with Dr.Vandana madam, the way of receiving and treating patients and we saw positive reports in 11 months only.

Vandana madam is very good and excellent. I would really thank her. What she has done to get our dreams to come true.

Started my wife pregnancy checkup at Hegde with Dr. Rashmi. She has been very cooperative and explained at every consultation.

Had my wife delivery done here and the whole process was very smooth under Dr. Rashmi guidance and all went will.

Vijay Kumar
Vandana madam is Very Good and Excellent.

We are very thankful to the team of hedge hospital and Vandana mam. its very wonderful experience to become parents. strongly recommend hedge hospital who are facing with infertility problem, this is the right place where you can get the solution to your infertility happy parenting.
thanks and regards
Surendra Drakshayani

Dakshayani Vajrala
Thankful to the Team of Hedge Hospital and Vandana Mam.

After visiting so many doctors, we consulted Dr. Vandana Hegde through Practo. We are very thankful to Dr. Vandana Hegde and Team of doctors for detecting my wife’s health issues and giving the best possible treatment. She discusses with the patients regarding the pros and cons before starting the treatment. The hospital staff is caring and courteous towards the patients. We had a wonderful experience with Hegde Hospital. We would recommend Dr. Vandana Hegde for the best fertility treatment.

Somanchi Sudhir
We are very thankful to Dr. Vandana Hegde and Team of doctors

Can’t express happiness in words,
Thanks to Dr. Vandana Hegde Ma’am.
it’s a very good hospital, intensive care, explains what’s the problem we are facing and suggesting, simplifying n not scaring us, Ma’am is having lots of patience n gives time to the individual patient, good teamwork.

Pallavi Nara
Can′t Express Happiness in Words,

Good hospital. Patient-friendly w.r.to appointments staffing response. Dr. Vandana is an excellent & professional doctor. The team lead by her Dr. Rashmi has done a great job. Thank you.

Pratyusha Veluru
Dr. Vandana is an Excellent & Professional Doctor.

Very happy to share that I got positive results within third consultation at Hedge hospital Dr. Vandhana. My married life is 6 plus years. I have the PCOD problem and I have changed many doctors but with no result, then my cousin asked us to consult Dr. Vandana Hedge hospital so we came here and the doctor did all the basic tests and told everything is good will try naturally for some cycles. mainly she first prefers natural process if not higher like IUI and IVF. With third cycle I got positive result naturally, really Dr Vandana treatment is very good and I believe her hand is lucky hand as said by my cousin too.

A. Prasanna
Very happy to share that I got Positive results within Third Consultation

Vandana Madam and Staff Andaru Maaku Chala Sahakarincharu and Kachithanga Pillalu Avtharani Chepparu Thank you to HEGDE Maaku Positive Report Vachindi HEGDE HOSPITAL Valana Meemu Chala Happy ga Vunnam

Ganesh Naik
Thank you to HEGDE

Before the start of IVF treatment, we were not sure about the level of care Hegde will provide. Before selected Hegde, we had a telephone conversation with Dr. Vandana Mishra to understand possible treatment steps and she is very nice, after the conversation we got the confidence to move ahead with the treatment. Thanks to sales team representative Abhijit, gave good support and felicitated all necessary help to plan well. Once we were in Hegde, Dr. Vandana Mishra took good care, she always gave time to talk about questions or treatment steps in detail. Always check with us, about any questions. Both Dr. Vandana Mishra, Dr. Vandana Hegde are very nice and supportive. Hospital nursing staff are friendly. I am happy with Hegde as I have conceived on my first attempt and still going through good care.

Anusha Boddu
Dr. Vandana Mishra took Good Care


Bishar Aroos

Hello Hedge. Am really felt happy to be here after searching in other clinics. we have come here as last hope for this clinic. Doctors approach and dealing are very good. Doctors are very positive and clear. Now am very happy. I got the success to thank you so much.

kalayani Arra
Am Really Felt Happy to be here after Searching in Other Clinics

Hello Hegde, I am so happy to come to this hospital. Actually, my sister was subjected to me. I meet Dr. Vandana mam she treated very nicely. Am really satisfied with the treatment. Am also suggested to my friends thank you so much, mam. Thank you all Hegde team.

Rekha Erra
Am Really Satisfied with the Treatment.

Hii Hegde, I am Very Happy to come to this hospital. This hedge team was very helpfully and here treatment also very nice. Doctors given positive response even phone also am really very satisfied with this treatment. Thank you.

Durgaprasad ch
I am Very Happy to come to this hospital.

Hiiiiiii hedge team I am very much happy only because of the hedge from the reception to total staff all very good especially I thank full to Dr. Vandana mam and Dr. Shushurutha mam thanks to everybody.

Nirmala Kota
I thank full to Dr. Vandana mam and Dr. Shushurutha mam

We strongly recommend Dr. Vandana Hegde for couples who are finding difficulties in conceiving. The reputation and reverence for Dr. Vandana Hegde in the gynecologist circle are huge and second to none.
We tried consulting doctors from the who and who of Hyderabad corporate hospitals and we have tried multiple cycles of reproductive assistant methods in reputed infertility center for two years but nothing worked. We finally landed upon Hegde hospitals and Dr. Vandana helped us in achieving what we dreamt for ages.

Thank you, Dr. Vandana Hegde, for bringing happiness into our lives.

Raj G
Thank you, Dr. Vandana Hegde, for bringing happiness into our lives.

We have been to many infertility clinics but always disappointed due to lack of proper explanation and doctors don’t have much time to spend with us. When we met Dr.Vandana Hegde at Madhapur, we felt we find out the right doctor. She spends a lot of time with each patient, explains in detail about treatment and gets us involved in every step, which reduces our anxiety a lot. And the supporting staff is also very cooperative and friendly and they guide us very well about the consultation room and scanning room and lab.

Thank you, doctor.

Rajesh Perumandla
Very Cooperative and Friendly Doctors

Dr.Vandana Madam has been very thankful for beginning our treatment and also very supportive in terms of taking appropriate treatment.

Sandya Katla
Dr.Vandana Madam has been very thankful for beginning our treatment

Dr. Vandana is a good doctor, we are very satisfied with the treatment given by the doctor, we very much thank full Dr. Vandana

Venkatesh Mulagapati
We are Very Satisfied with the Treatment

A Very good experience with Vandana Hegde. I feel She is very friendly as compared to others. I got Positive results within less time and suggested to many other people also.

Arpitha Lekhi
A Very good experience with Vandana Hegde.

Thank you for the support and guidance.
The doctor who was treated was good explain very well and I convinced naturally with guidance.
Good hospital, good doctor’s, good staff members and good in behavior.
Medicines are costly and no discount
If it’s possible to give the discount on medicines to reach all types of people
I am happy with the treatment to Thank you so much to Hegde hospital 🌷

Soumy pudur
Thank you for the support and guidance.

I would like to extend my thanks to all the doctors and staff of the hospital.. My husband and I are very happy with the treatment received. And as a working woman, I know how the stress and tension we go through due to the problems such as PCOD etc.. and the staff here are best at motivating and supporting each and every patient in a unique way. Our dream has come true because of you guys, so once again please accept my heart full of thanks.

Sindhusha Potu
Our dream has come true because of you guys

One of the best doctors. I had been to many doctors for fertility but under Dr.Vandana hedges’ guidance, I conceived within 2 months.
Thank you.

Amulya Bharath G.N.
I conceived within 2 months.

I am very happy with the services of Hegde Hospital, I have recurrent miscarriage issues before we consult Vandana mam, she did all the required tests and no reason identified. But Vandana mam is very knowledgeable, she suggested few medicines because of which were in the 3rd month of pregnancy now. before coming to Hedge we visited many other big hospitals in the town, they just suggested to try with folic acid and normal thyroid treatment. But I do not want to take the risk after 2 early miscarriages, so visited fertility specialist Vandana mam.she is very friendly and she remembers every detail of your case even you visit 3 months later. Yes, the initial tests are bit costly, but they are required to identify the problem and no unnecessary tests are suggested after that. Reg waiting time, it is almost the same as any other hospital, sometimes Hedge is better in terms of time as well when you come on time for your appointment. finally, I feel the money and the time we spent on Hedge are worth for the final result that we get.

Lakshmi Maha
I am very happy with the services of Hegde Hospital,

My sister consulted Dr.Vandana @Hegde hospital Madhapur last year after treating in other hospitals from past few years. She told it will take some time but I can’t promise u when it happens. After 2cycles of IUI she had IVF 2times to our surprise she got conceived in last Dec and had a baby. Now her family was complete and very happy that we went to Dr. Vandana by God’s grace. We would like to thank Dr. Vandana n team for filling happiness in their life.

Bindu Paruchuri
We would like to thank Dr. Vandana n Team