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Egg Oocytes Donation

Egg donation is the process wherein oocytes from a donor are used in infertility women to help them conceive. In Hegde Fertility, the sperm donation procedure is recommended when other procedures such as in vitro fertilization do not yield productive results. The oocytes from the sperm donor will be combined with spermatozoa from the infertile couple to produce embryos, and these will be transferred to the recipients to achieve pregnancy.

Recommended cases to go for Donor Eggs

The following are a few conditions when a candidate might go for donor eggs:

  • Premature ovarian failure – when a woman enters the phase of menopause early, before age 40
  • When you produce low-quality eggs, which may be due to age because fertility drops after 40
  • Genetically transmitted diseases
  • Ovaries are inaccessible for obtaining oocytes
  • Miscarriages
  • Chromosomal abnormalities in the woman
  • IVF failure, particularly when your doctor thinks your eggs are of poor quality

This sperm donation technique is becoming popular and achieved the highest success rates of all fertility procedures. Most people are opting for this procedure, especially for women over 40. As women use fresh embryos instead of frozen, they have a 43.4% chance of becoming pregnant.

Egg Donation Treatment

All the women who are opting for this procedure must undergo any of the below treatment to prepare their endometrium before IVF Embryo Transfer in ICSI center.

Pharmacological Treatment

The treatment involves giving a medication to prepare the uterus for implantation. Once the donor is available, the patients will be given enough information to proceed for the fertilization process of oocytes.

Semen Preparation

Semen can be obtained on the same day as of oocyte. The procedure will be carried out in a laboratory to remove certain components and select the best spermatozoa to fertilize the oocyte. Semen can be cryopreserved and when the oocyte is available, the frozen oocyte sample is used.

Fertilization Procedure

The spermatozoa and oocytes are combined through in vitro fertilization or sperm microinjection techniques. After the fertilization process, the number of embryos to be transferred is selected. Your Infertility specialist will decide when to transfer the embryos based on factors including the medical history, characteristics of embryos and individual’s health.

If you are planning for egg donation, you must consult Hegde Fertility to determine the appropriate egg donation process, infertility treatments and chances of success. Contact us at  8880 74 74 74