IUI Infertility Treatment


IUI is a fertility treatment that involves placing sperm inside a woman’s uterus to facilitate fertilization. It is a simple procedure which helps healthy sperm get closer to the egg. Initially some fertility drugs or ovulogens are given to the female partner and ovulation cycle will be monitored with Trans Vaginal Ultrasound, once follicles reaches optimum size along with good endometrial lining, trigger injection will be given, following that IUI is performed. Before starting IUI cycle, semen analysis should be advised to the male partner and some may require medication to increase the count and motility of the spermatozoa. It is also important to ensure tubal patency by SSG/HSG or Laparoscopy prior to IUI.

iui step by step procedure

Process of the Procedure:

The process of IUI is similar to the ovulation induction for timed intercourse till the day of trigger. After trigger depending on the semen analysis and DFI , processing of semen sample will be done- like density gradient methods ,MACS, microfluidics. In gradient method or swim down technique and microfluidics, generally it is advisable to have double IUI to increase the chances of pregnancy, 1st IUI will be 24 hr after trigger, 2nd IUI will be 48 hr after trigger. In MACS and microfluidics, DNA fragmented spermatozoa will be filtered and healthy spermatozoa will be inseminated. MACS is advised after documenting ovulation in TVS, generally single sitting is enough.

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