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Intrauterine insemination, commonly known as IUI is a fertility treatment that involves injecting partner’s/ donor’s sperm into a woman’s uterus to facilitate the process of fertilization. IUI procedure increases the chances of fertilization by making more number of sperms reach the fallopian tubes.

Who is suitable for IUI?

In IUI, the sperm still needs to reach and fertilize the egg. The treatment yields effective results for patients with low sperm count or decreased sperm mobility. In addition to this, IUI is preferred for patients with the following conditions:

• Unexplained infertility
• Cervical problems, including cervical mucus problems
• Sperms inability to penetrate into the uterus
• Ejaculation dysfunction

However, IUI is not preferred for patients with:

• Fallopian tubes problems
• Pelvic infections
• Moderate to severe endometriosis

IUI Procedure

Step 1: The procedure starts with giving ovulation-stimulating medications, which can help monitor your egg health. IUI procedure will be performed at the time of Ovulation, probably within 24-36 hours after the surge in LH hormone that indicates the ovulation process.

Step 2: Semen will be washed to separate it from the seminal fluid. The sperm will be inserted directly into the uterus with the help of a catheter. This process can increase the number of sperm cells placed in the uterus so that the possibility of conception is increased.

Step3: 2 weeks after the ovulation process, the doctor will examine your uterine lining and check S.Beta HCG levels to determine whether the IUI process is effective.

The success rate of IUI depends on various factors such as female age, reasons for infertility and many more. However, if IUI procedure is performed every month, success rates may increase as 20% per cycle.

IUI procedure can be performed within a few minutes and the associated risks are very few. The process is less invasive and less expensive when compared to in vitro fertilization.

If you are interested in taking up the procedure, talk with our IUI experts right away to discuss your options. You can fill up the appointment request form or give a call to 8880 74 74 74   to schedule an appointment.

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