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In Vitro Maturation

IVM is a newer fertility treatment done by many infertility clinics including Hegde Fertility, which is developed to provide an alternative to the conventional IVF. IVM is similar to the IVF but with a significant difference.

In IVF centers, the patient has to take ovary-stimulating medications to mature the eggs before they are removed from the ovary. Whereas in IVM, the eggs are removed from the ovary while they are still immature. These eggs are then matured in the laboratories (in vitro).   So, as a result, the patient has to consume a lot less hormonal medication.

IVM is Advised in the following Group of Conditions

  1. Cancer patients who cannot tolerate hyperstimulation of ovaries.
  2. Women less than 35 years of age
  3. women having PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome)
  4. Young women with regular menstrual periods
  5. For saving immature eggs which were removed during IVF procedures.

IVM Procedure

The immature eggs are collected under the guidance of sonography from an unstimulated or minimally stimulated ovary. Specialized culture media are used to mature the eggs in the laboratories.  Small quantities of hormones are added to this medium to facilitate the growth of the eggs.

The immature eggs are matured for 24-48 hours. When the eggs are mature, they are fertilized with the sperm obtained from the partner or sperm donor. The fertilization is done by cost-effective intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) treatment.

The Embryos are then transferred to the uterus on day 2 or day 3 as per the conventional IVF procedure.


As immature eggs are collected, it is possible that the collected number of eggs will be less than in a conventional IVF cycle. Sometimes, not all the eggs will mature enough to be fertilized with the partner’s sperm.

IVM Success Rates

The pregnancy rates with IVM procedure in Hegde Fertility, are similar to those with the conventional IVF. And the children produced are as healthy as after a conventional IVF.

Benefits of IVM treatment

In IVF centers the patient is given medications to stimulate the ovary. This stimulation is associated with a serious side effect. It is known as ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS). It is potentially a lethal condition. This risk is eliminated in IVM as IVM doesn’t involve ovarian stimulation.

It is also cost effective as the cost of the stimulating medications like gonadotropins is avoided. And there is no need of serial monitoring hence those expenses are also reduced. Its duration is also less as compared to conventional IVF.

Hedge Fertility’s expertise in In Vitro Maturation (IVM) lays in our capacity to individualize the treatment according to the needs of the patient. If you have any queries as you read this article In Vitro Maturation (IVM), or want to know the infertility treatment cost, please contact us for a consult.