Donor Embryos

Donor Embryo :

Form of 3rd party reproduction used in ART to help couples in whom female partner has a healthy uterus to carry a healthy pregnancy using donor embryo.

Reasons to have embryo donation include :

  1. Unexplained infertility that involves both partners
  2. In a woman who has no eggs ( absent ovaries/ premature ovarian failure / poor ovarian function),
  3. Recurrent pregnancy loss thought to be related to embryonic factors,
  4. Genetic disorders affecting one or both partners.
  5. Repeated IVF failure couples

Procedure for embryo donor IVF :

  1. A donor is selected – who is healthy, has proven fertility status, married, medically fit, screened for infections- ovarian stimulation injections are given and oocytes are collected from the donor.
  2. Donor Sperms are selected from sperm banks and ICSI is done using the best sperms and best oocytes.
  3. Post ICSI – Best embryos formed are selected ( called donor embryos) and frozen by a process called vitrification.
  4. These embryos are now ready to be transferred to your uterus by Frozen embryo transfer.

The Procedure of Embryo Transfer of Donor Embryo

Once your uterus lining is ready – progesterone injections are given to you for 4days in case of day 3 embryo transfer or 6days in case of day 5( blastocyst) embryo transfer. On the day of transfer: Using a thin catheter, one or two embryos are placed into the uterus. Post transfer medication is given and a pregnancy test is done after 15days!

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