Infertility treatment is not an emergency but the ideal time for treatment is the earliest possible, with your resolve to undergo the treatment we resolve to keep you safe during this journey!!




  1. If you have a recent travel history – please ensure that you are self-quarantined for at least 15 days and not presently suffering from symptoms such as fever, cough, or cold.
  2. Patients are requested to allow their body temperatures to be checked at the entrance of the hospital and sanitize their hands before entering
  3. Wearing masks is mandated for all patients and we request you to wear one when you leave your home.
  4. Once in the hospital please keep your hands folded and avoid touching anything unless necessary.
  5. Only female patients will be allowed for regular follow-up OP and Scan consultations. Male attendants will be allowed only for new OP cases and wherever absolutely required.
  6. No walk-in appointment will be allowed. Only patients who have booked an appointment would be allowed to enter the hospital premises.
  7. Social Distancing, i.e. 3 feet gap must be maintained from the next person and during billing/reception/consultation/pharmacy/injection.
  8. In case a patient has symptoms or is not found to be following the above guidelines, the management of the hospital reserves the right to admission and discontinue the treatment.
  9. All new op cases history taking will be done on PHONE/VIDEO consultation with the doctor prior to reaching the hospital. Based on the history you may be advised Scan/ investigations and basic fertility education and counseling regarding various treatment options given.
  10. With the reports, you will be meeting the primary consultant for an evaluation and planning a further treatment plan.

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