ERA (Endometrial Receptivity Analysis)

Some patients undergo three or more rounds of IVF and everything seems to go well: a good number of eggs at retrieval, a good fertilization rate, the embryos appear to be healthy and high quality, the uterine lining looks good, the transfer goes smoothly, but the pregnancy never “sticks.” These patients may be offered an ERA test. Also, its use in patients with adenomyosis, endometriosis, and chronic endometritis can prove beneficial, as these conditions are associated with an altered Endometrial Receptivity.

Persistent thin or thick endometrium is also an indication for carrying out ERA. An ERA is a valuable addition to our diagnostic armamentarium. ERA stands for Endometrial Receptivity Analysis (or Array).

It is a genetic test that uses a small sample of a woman’s endometrial tissue to evaluate whether or not the endometrial lining is prepared to accept an implanting embryo.

Once the patient’s receptive window has been identified, personalized embryo transfer (pET) timing can be used. However, there are no reports suggesting a 100% success even after doing a pET based on the ERA result with a euploid embryo.

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