Magnetic assorted cell sorting (MACS) is an efficient method that can avoid apoptotic sperm during selection. MACS efficiently reduces sperm DNA fragmentation levels and effectively separates apoptotic from non-apoptotic sperms. This selection leads to an improvement in sperm quality and functionality because MACS positively affects sperm motility and morphology as determined by the sperm deformity index. Several studies reported an improvement in fertilization rates and embryo quality because the best sperms were selected using MACS compared with standard selection methods.

Microfluidics is the science and technology of accurate manipulation of small amounts of fluids, which is typically done in microchannels with dimensions of a few hundred micrometers. Microfluidic technologies are enabling the optimization of sperm sample preparation and analysis. Though proof-of-concept experiments have been performed to demonstrate the capabilities of microfluidic systems in many areas of ART, most of the clinical applications of microfluidic systems have been in sperm purification or sorting. The selection of qualitatively and quantitatively sufficient sperm is a critical sample preparation process in the treatment of male-factor infertility Selection of sperm is important because the quality of selected sperm influences the success rate of ART.



We take the semen sample of the patient, process it first in sperm wash media, later the semen is passed through the MACS column which is a magnetic column, wherein apoptotic sperms get adhered to the test tube only highly motile spermatozoa pass through the magnetic column and gets collected in the test tube.

Microfluidics works on the principle of separating highly motile sperms in low-volume semen samples. Minimal samples are needed.




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