Six Things to Remember Throughout the 2nd Week Wait After The Embryo Transfer

As you embark on your IVF journey, you will experience moments of fear, anxiety, excitement, disappointment, and so on. IVF treatment isn’t a joke, from understanding the procedure to getting ready mentally and physically. Although it takes time, it’s worth it because it helps you embrace your greatest joy in life.

The IVF process has a two-week waiting period that determines the outcome of your pregnancy. While you wait for your pregnancy results, these two weeks can feel like an eternity. Many people give up hope after getting false positive results. The IVF process requires that you maintain a balanced mind to achieve your biggest dream. Here’s a quick read on how to handle this 2-week wait.

1. Observe the symptoms but don’t focus entirely on them:

There’s no doubt that waiting is difficult. However, it is necessary. It’s okay if you feel cramping, sore, and bloated, as these may not always mean you’re pregnant. It is also possible that these symptoms are caused by fertility treatment. Therefore, please do not draw any conclusions.

2. Keep stress at bay:

Don’t panic. Stress and overthinking will only result in negative consequences. Don’t worry about it. Spend some time meditating and doing yoga classes. These are helpful ways to relax and keep away stress. The most important thing is to have realistic expectations.

3. Make sure you take your medications on time:

In order to ensure a successful embryo transfer, post-embryo transfer medications must be taken without fail. Before taking any medicine, you should consult with your fertility specialist if you suffer from any other illness during this period.

4. Maintain a good social circle:

Keeping yourself busy and spending time with your husband, family, and friends is most important. Having positive thoughts can help you feel better and have overall health.

5. Do not take a urine pregnancy test before two weeks:

During the 2-week wait period, it is common for people to become anxious and excited and check for pregnancy. There is a possibility that you will get false positive or negative results. It’s just a matter of patience and getting your pregnancy test done after 2 weeks period, ideally through a blood test.

6. Lie back and listen to soothing music:

There is nothing like music to make you feel better. By listening to soothing music, your anxiety levels can be reduced and your chances of becoming pregnant can be improved.

A Word From Hegde Fertility:

Do not lose hope if you receive a negative result after two weeks’ wait. It may take a little longer for you to become pregnant. Dreaming of becoming a parent requires a lot of hope, courage, faith, and determination.

Don’t give up on hope! Happy Parenthood!

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