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Everything You Need to Know About Psychological Counseling for Male Infertility

Infertility is a universal problem that affects men and women in different ways. In men, various forms of emotional stress affect male infertility. Childhood trauma, work-related stress, sexual assault, and marital dispute are some major contributing factors. If such emotional turmoil is left unaddressed for a long time, it will affect not only the sperm count but also be passed on to their spouse.

The condition of male infertility refers to the inability of a male to conceive from a fertile female.

What Is Psychological Infertility Counseling?

Psychological infertility counseling is a type of psychotherapy created to help individuals or couples dealing with fertility issues. If you’re having trouble becoming pregnant, you’ll need to consider an infertility specialist. Consider using an egg donor or sperm or considering adoption or surrogacy.

In counseling, counselors can assist a couple in better conveying their emotions to one another and advise them on their future alternatives and how to approach them. Furthermore, the care, support, and understanding assist people in developing stronger relationships with themselves and their life partners.

The Psychological Symptoms of Infertility That Can Be Treated With Psychological Counseling?

Psychological counselors are available to help you with any kind of psychological challenges related to infertility. They are qualified and experienced counselors who can offer you help and guidance. They treat various types of symptoms, including:

Anxiety or Worry

Your mind may be preoccupied with thoughts of infertility, so you become anxious and unable to concentrate on other matters.

Sadness or Depression

The challenges of infertility can trigger feelings of sadness, loss, hopelessness, or helplessness.

Physiological Stress

You may find it difficult to sleep or experience physical symptoms such as headaches, muscle tension, and digestive complaints.

Guilt or Shame

If you are childless and live in a society that emphasizes reproduction and nuclear families, you might feel shame, humiliated, and blame yourselves.

Conflicts With Partners

Couples in an intimate relationship tend to clash when they struggle with infertility

Psychological Counseling: How Can It Help?

Psychological counseling for patients undergoing male fertility treatments is crucial to preventing escalating anxiety and stress levels. Counselors identify the problem and help the couple to resolve it. The couple is treated individually if they have different counseling needs before starting the couple’s therapy. Counselors note it and examine it to get the finest solution for their specific scenario.

 The psychological counselor also monitors the patient’s emotional changes and desires and helps to strengthen them. They assist the patient in strengthening their social relationships and the couple’s relationships, which have been affected due to the stress of infertility. The counseling is continued until the patient achieves a stable frame of mind and improves their social and emotional connections.

 The psychological counselor also discusses and explains the methods, such as IUI, IVF, Surrogacy, Sperm Donation, and Embryo Donation, that would be most suited to the patient’s situation and assists them in reaching a choice. They discuss each detail and help the patient throughout the therapy to minimize psychological damage and deliver outstanding results.

When Do You Need to See an Infertility Counselor?

Consider counseling if you find it difficult to live your life effectively due to feeling depressed, anxious, or preoccupied with your infertility. If you feel stuck and need to explore your options, you may consult an infertility counselor. Consider counselor signs that you might experience any of the following:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Marital problems
  • Mood swings
  • Social isolation
  • Tenacious feelings of guilt, sadness, or worthlessness
  • Relentless preoccupation with infertility
  • Increased usage of drugs or alcohol
  • Thoughts about suicide or death
  • loss of interest in common relationships and activities
  • Difficulty in focusing and or memorizing
  • Difficulty with “planned” intercourse
  • A change in weight, hungriness, or sleep patterns

Where Can You Get Support?

Many different sources can provide support. There are a lot of books that can provide and help with understanding the emotional side of infertility. Informational meetings and support groups can reduce feelings of isolation and offer opportunities to learn and share with others experiencing infertility. You can get help with your difficulties in individual or couple counseling from a professional counselor who can help you sort out your frame of mind, detect to deal with mechanisms and find solutions. Discussing with friends and family who are supportive can also be helpful.

Psychological Counseling for Male Infertility

If you don’t know any experts in your location, you can start by asking your medical doctor for recommendations from mental health experts in your area. In addition, ask for books and articles that might be related and for support resources that relate to fertility issues, or you can find the counselors on some websites that provide the counseling services. The counselor can be a psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker, psychiatric nurse, or marriage and family therapist.

A Word From Hegde Fertility

Your therapist should have experience treating individuals who have faced similar challenges to yours. You should ensure that they are experienced in treating this type of person. The following are some methods for infertility counseling:

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • Interpersonal Psychotherapy
  • Couples Counseling
  • Mindfulness Practices

Hegde Fertility is one of the most reputed fertility centers in Hyderabad. Undoubtedly, we have the most experienced psychological infertility counselors trained to address your infertility problems and find the most effective solution. We are here to assist you and promise to get you out of difficult situations. Please make an appointment with us today.

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