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What are the Common Causes of Infertility in Men and Women?

There are a few important points to remember before “Blaming” anyone for not being able to get pregnant. In all the cases of ‘inability to conceive’, about 80% is because of problems with either one partner. For the remaining 20%, getting conceived may become difficult because of problems with both the partners.

Common Causes of Infertility in Women:

  • Being underweight or overweight can cause difficulty in conceiving a baby. Sometimes, excessive exercise is also implicated as one of the causes of decreased fertility in women of normal weight.
  • Hormonal changes interfere with ovulation and implantation. This can cause infertility, and the patients who suffer from this condition usually experience irregular cycles. Impaired fertility depends on how advanced the fibroids are. Pelvic pain is a common symptom.
  • Pelvic Inflammatory Disease can cause uterine and tubal infection which may make it difficult to conceive a baby.
  • Sexually transmitted diseases can affect the PH level in the vagina which in turn brings down the survival chances of sperm post ejaculation, leading to infertility.

Common Causes of Infertility in Men:

  • Semen disorders.
  • Testicular abnormalities like varicoceles, undescended testis, testicular failure.
  • Certain medications or chemicals may affect sperms.
  • High sperm DNA damage.
  • Psychosexual problems like ejaculatory dysfunction, premature/retrograde ejaculation.
  • Testicular injury or infection.

Causes of Infertility That Are Common to Both Men and Women:

  • Fertility declines with age in both genders, but more predictably in women.
  • Poor diet and no exercise can cause fertility in both genders.
  • Environmental toxins like pesticides, fertilisers, heavy metals can adversely affect fertility.
  • Smoking recreational drugs and chronic alcohol consumption is one of the major causes of infertility.
  • Diabetes, problems with thyroid gland and pituitary gland can also be responsible for infertility.
  • Psychological stress also decreases the chances of conception.


Do not get anxious, and do not assume that you can’t get pregnant just because you have any of these health issues or habits. The only reliable way to determine if you are affected by one of the above causes is to get checked by your infertility specialist. Be upfront and honest about the health issues you’ve dealt with or are dealing with. Once diagnosed, there are a variety of basic to advanced treatments that can help you in conceiving.

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