A Few Pointers to Boost Your Chances of Having a Baby.

As we all know, the path to parenthood is not always an easy one. Studies show that at least one in every ten couples face infertility problems at some point during the early or later stage of their life. In most cases they avoid seeking answers either because of fear or because of reluctance to open-up about their personal problems. For most couples who try to conceive, the odds are fifteen to twenty-five percent each month. After crossing the age of thirty, the chances of getting conceived decline as the eggs become fewer with age and sperms decline both in quantity and quality.

It is recommended that couples, who are under thirty-five years of age, consult with a doctor after one year of failed attempts at conceiving. For couples above thirty-five years of age, the recommended period to consult a doctor is in six months. These visits will help us understand current fertility status and improve the chances of conception. However, studies show that at least 3% of couples tend to avoid seeking medical help despite the failed attempts of conceiving for over a year.

The advantages of these informed and early consultations are many. During these visits, an ultrasound of the woman’s ovaries and uterus is recommended. The fallopian tubes are examined by a procedure known as HSG for the detection of possible blockages. Blood tests are recommended for both partners to check and monitor the hormone levels. Physical check-ups help reveal any physical/genital abnormalities that may prevent conception. Other comprehensive investigations may also be advised to understand the cause of failed conceptions.

During the early consultations doctors can also be able to investigate the couple’s lifestyle for a longer period as matters such as stress, unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, exposure to certain drugs, alcohol consumption and smoking, being overweight or underweight can also affect the ability to conceive.

Stress is very toxic to our body and mind and has direct impact on ovulation and our libido. Reducing stress levels and making positive changes to lifestyle can boost the chances of pregnancy.

Following are the two available Fertility Treatments:

  1. Intrauterine insemination (IUI): The success rate of this procedure is 30-40% in three to four cycles of treatment.
  2. Invitro Fertilization (IVF): The success rate is 70%, in three cycles of treatment.

In addition to all these, maintaining resolute, transparent and uninhibited relationship with your partner is also invaluable. The happier the relationship and bond between partners is the lesser stress and better understanding. When the couples stay positive and proactive, a relaxing environment for conception is created, which in-turn helps them undergo the procedure with ease.

The presence of family and friends are essential for support and happiness. Don’t shy away from opening-up and seeking comfort by sharing your feelings and emotions with your loved ones. The expert team of doctors at Hegde are also here to partner with you in your journey towards parenthood.

Our passionate team will help you with every single query and concern. Like you, we understand well that the best things in life happen when the right decisions are made at the right time.

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