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A Hot Bathtub Can Kill a Man’s Fertility?

Hot bathtubs and hot water are both popular ways to relax and indulge oneself. A man who wants to have a family should give up her love of hot baths. According to researchers, constantly being exposed to existing ‘wet heat’ can lead to fertility issues.

There have been several studies to support this view, which has gained a lot of traction. Men who regularly bathed in hot water or bathed in hot bathtubs were enrolled in the study. They did indeed spend at least 30 minutes a week in water with a higher temperature. Their sperm samples showed poor sperm motility rates as well as low sperm production in comparison to those who were less exposed to such heat.

Overexposure to heated water can also worsen fertility problems for men who have been diagnosed with fertility disorders. There is, however, a way to reverse the effect. It is beneficial if one refrains from taking hot water baths for a long period of time. It has indeed been found that men who were kept away from hot water tubs or hot water baths had an increase in healthy sperm production that has a very good motility rate. About 49 percent of their sperm count increased.

It is noteworthy that some men were not actually able to reverse their fertility after reverting from wet heat. The reason for this was mainly the effects of tobacco or the “gonadotoxic habit”. There were in fact a majority of chain smokers among them.

It has been found that constant exposure to wet heat negatively affects male fertility. It may be better to stop spending hours in a hot bathtub if one would like to become a father. Certainly, it relaxes the mind and refreshes one’s tired body, but it also reduces the likelihood of becoming a father.


There is no doubt that the use of hot water baths has a negative effect on sperm counts. In the same way that alcohol and smoking can affect fertility, hot water tubs can also reduce sperm production. Yes, it’s nice to relax no doubt, but on the other hand, when you want a family, you need to be careful that your fertility doesn’t suffer as a result of spending time in a hot tub.

It is a great way to reduce body pains and tiredness after a hard day at work to spend time in a hot tub. As he or she spends more time, they feel better. However, one must be careful not to harm one’s fertility. A couple who wishes to have a child naturally wants to ensure that their fertility is not compromised. As you probably know, conception can be a difficult process, so it is imperative that you are fertile before trying for a child.

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