Hegde AndroCare was founded with a vision of helping people with male infertility, an issue that is less discussed and greatly underrated.

Having the most up-to-date advancements in the fields of Medicine, Research, and Technology at its disposal, Hegde AndroCare’s team of fertility specialists for males is at your service for the best possible surgical and non-surgical treatments to ensure a successful outcome for you.

Men’s health is the major focus of andrology, which includes infertility, low levels of testosterone, and sexual dysfunction. About 50% of all infertility cases are male-factor related, and prostate disease is common among men over 50. Although andrological problems can be quite common, the field of medicine that deals with them has only recently started gaining ground. Molecular biology and genetics have been instrumental in improving the understanding of andrology as a topic of medical research. Consequently, it makes it a very promising field of medicine full of treatment options for male infertility.

At Hegde Hospitals, there is a dedicated department for andrology for Men’s Health. In handling these topics, we understand the importance of being sensitive and using the best medical practices. Hegde Hospitals provides highly qualified and experienced Male Infertility Doctors in Hyderabad. We have the best Andrology and male fertility clinic in Hyderabad, with state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure, as well as a dedicated team of nurses and staff.

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Consultant Andrologist & Urologist MBBS(OSM), MS General Surgery (OSM), MCh Urology(NIMS)

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Physical factors may include varicocele, undescended testicles, injury or previous surgery to the testicles, exposure to radiotherapy, environmental toxins or drugs, and alcohol. Genetic factors include Klinefelter’s syndrome, cystic fibrosis and undefined genetic polymorphisms, infections and sexually transmitted diseases may also cause fertility problems. Many infertile men have idiopathic infertility, meaning a specific cause of the infertility is not diagnosed. A fertility specialist and urologist can investigate possible causes for the fertility difficulties.
In some cases, such as varicocele, surgical repair may be an option. Certain drugs have also been shown to improve sperm quality if there are underlying hormone deficiencies and this option should be discussed with your doctor. These include Clomiphene citrate, tamoxifen, and antibiotics.
As part of our CAP laboratory certification and in compliance with federal guidelines, we are required to have a signed doctor’s order for all diagnostic tests and procedures performed by the Andrology Laboratory. The doctor can place the referral online, fax the order over before your appointment, or you can bring in the order with you. The order needs to have your name (as the patient) and date of birth, the test or sperm preparation requested, the patient’s diagnosis, and the doctor’s signature.
Samples should ideally be collected into a medically sterile container by masturbation. Normal condoms should never be used to aid in the collections of the sample as they may be toxic to sperm. If you need to collect a sample with intercourse, you can purchase non-toxic non-spermicidal condoms from our laboratory. Please contact us for specific instructions regarding this collection method. Interrupted intercourse should not be used as this may result in the loss of the most critical portion of the ejaculate and the specimen may be contaminated with cells or bacteria from the vagina.
Fertility preservation is an option when a man: – Is diagnosed with cancer at a young age – Expects to have a toxic treatment or surgery – Has an autoimmune, hormone or genetic disorder – Experienced trauma – Hopes to have children later in life – Has a high-risk work, like military deployment – Have low sperm counts for no known reason – Has a condition where sperm production or transport out of the body may change at some point in his life
Sperm can be stored in a frozen state for many years. Freezing and thawing does change the sperms quality. Banking sperm before cancer treatment can allow a teenager or young adult to become a father when he is ready. Men who have a vasectomy may choose sperm banking as option to father a child if his life changes. At this time, almost half of your sperm survive the freeze thaw process. Research is being done to improve this. Storing as much semen as often as possible can help.

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