Blastocyst Culture

Blastocyst culture in is a technique that has been developed for the purpose of in vitro fertilization, done in different ivf centres. This procedure helps to increase the rates of the pregnancy as well as decreasing the chances of multiple pregnancies.

This process is similar to conventional IVF in Hegde Fertility. The difference between these two is that in blastocyst culture, the embryos are allowed to grow in the laboratory for a longer duration up to day 5. In this extended time period.

Because of this excess time the embryo is in the laboratory, it is possible for the IVF specialists to choose an embryo which has the best potential to grow inside the womb.

Hence, blastocyst culture helps to increase your chances of conceiving and maintaining a pregnancy.

If blastocyst culture procedure is used in a young woman from the age group of 20 to 30 years, 80% pregnancy rates may be obtained. The chances of loss of pregnancy or miscarriage are only 5 to 10 %.

Suitable For

Blastocyst transfer is suggested to the patients who:

  • Have not been able to maintain a pregnancy
  • Want to avoid multiple pregnancies. (Twins, triplets etc.)
  • Have failedIVF cycles with conventional method.

Blastocyst culture is beneficial if the patient has a large number of eggs. This is because all the eggs do not possess the capacity to form embryos. And as the time progresses the number of eggs having this capacity also decreases.

It is important to consult with an infertility specialist from Hegde Fertility about whether blastocyst culture and transfer is for you. To learn more about blastocyst transfer, or Cost of IVF treatment contact us on at 040-4260 7310.