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Dr. Akash Agarwal

Scientific Director


MBBS- Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, Masters in (Biotech)-Human Reproduction and Embryology (IVI Spain)

Dr. Akash Agarwal has a graduate degree in MBBS from OSMANIA MEDICAL COLLEGE. He completed his certificate course in Embryology from Ahmedabad in the year 2011. A highly proficient medical professional with a keen interest in advanced ART techniques and an unending curiosity to know about & keep updated on the latest developments in the dynamic science of ART, he cleared his ESHRE Certification for Clinical Embryology held at Vienna, Europe in 2019, where he scored the highest marks. Later, he completed his Masters in Human Assisted Reproduction and Embryology (Biotechnology), from University of Valencia, Spain. An accomplished professional in the field of embryology with a rich experience of more than a decade, he has been instrumental in developing lab protocols & methods within the Embryology and Andrology lab to ensure best quality of Embryos thus resulting in success rates on par with international standards. Dr. Akash Agarwal stands apart in the field of embryology due to his vast experience & knowledge of the vagaries of running advanced labs with state-of-the-art equipment. He is well qualified to speak with patients and takes utmost care regarding their concerns including their chances of success and thereafter various advanced options available to improve their success rates.

Dr. Akash Agarwal - Chief Clinical Embryologist in Hyderabad
Dr. Agarwal especially deals with Fertility Problems related to Males, Embryo Culture, Blastocyst Culture, Freezing amongst others.

  • Basic Lab procedures – IVF, ICSI, Embryo culture techniques, Embryo Vitrification and Warming
  • Frozen embryos transfers
  • Handling surgically retrieved sperms – TESA/ PESA for ICSI
  • Embryo grading and selection for transfer
  • Maintenance of Cryo-Lab
  • Embryology lab quality control
  • Well versed with Advanced embryology procedures including LASER and Embryo biopsy for PGS, Oocyte activation for cases of previous fertilization failures, Oocyte Vitrification and warming, ICSI of thawed Oocytes, Micro-TESA for ICSI, extended Blastocyst culture, and cases of previously failed IVF
  • Well trained in Oncofertility related protocols for fertility preservation


  • Topper of ESHRE Clinical Embryology Exam 2019, Vienna

Appointment Timings:

Location: Madhapur

11:00 am – 1:00 pm ( Everyday)

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