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The 5 Biggest Myths About Fertility You Need to Stop Believing!

Many couples who wish to become parents are anxious about the possibility of having a child. They constantly search for adequate information about it, whether it’s in newspapers or clinics, and have to deal with several myths about it. Having to sort through the available information has become a tedious task for them, as it is difficult to distinguish between myths and facts. There is no doubt that fertility myths and misconceptions abound.

1) Infertility is a rare condition

No, that’s not true.

The occurrence of infertility among Indian couples is very common. There are about one in five couples experience this problem when trying to conceive. Not just in India, there are about 60-80 million couples who seek medical advice every year on infertility all across the globe. There is no need to feel low about it because of several lifestyle changes that have made it a common health issue.

2) Infertility is only a woman’s problem

It is a complete myth.

Regardless of gender, infertility issues affect both men and women equally. In 30% of cases, infertility is attributed to male problems, 30% to female problems, and 40% are a combination of both male and female problems.

3) It is enough to have intercourse a few times a month to get pregnant

Conception can be a tricky affair, and if you’re a newlywed, it’s even more challenging. Women’s menstrual cycles play a large role in the timing of their periods. Thus, if one cannot conceive after a few intercourses, one shouldn’t worry about his or her fertility. Most healthy couples attempt to conceive for about six months before they hear the good news that they are pregnant or can conceive. It will take some time, so just give it some time.

4) If you are over 35, you cannot get pregnant

That isn’t true, of course.

There are fewer chances, but they are not zero. According to a radical French study, 82% of women between the ages of 35 and 39 conceive within a year. Women in their 40s did have a sharp decline in the number, but 35 is not the age to give up on becoming a mom. While the chances of success are good, it is important to plan properly by seeking medical attention if necessary.

5) The cost of fertility treatments and consultations is high

There is no truth to this. It’s a myth.

There are many fertility centers in India that provide cost-effective and efficient fertility treatments. Destinations like this can prove to be a great choice for people who are looking to have a child. In your city, there is an abundance of fertility specialists who have outstanding credentials and a history of success. So just look around to find a center that meets your expectations.

Having a family is indeed a sacred affair, and it is vital that one gathers all the information one needs before making decisions regarding a family. Since there are so many fertility clinics in Hyderabad, individuals can choose the Best Fertility Clinic in Hyderabad that is right for them.

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