How to Cope With the First IVF Failure Cycle?

A failed IVF cycle can be extremely disheartening for couples who have had trouble conceiving naturally. Not only is pregnancy exciting and wonderful, but it is also empowering to know that one’s body is capable of producing life.

When an IVF cycle fails, it is hard not to feel hopeless and blame oneself. The reality is that this is not a healthy mentality and when it comes to IVF, many factors come into play. Doctors at Hegde Fertility Clinic understand this and ensure that doomed parents are well-cared for and guided during this difficult time.

Please Do Not Blame Yourself

The patient is not responsible for a failed IVF cycle. As mentioned, many factors are involved and ultimately, IVF is just the last step in a biological process in which embryos are transferred. Although the clinic and the patients will have done everything possible to select healthy embryos, a successful pregnancy cannot be guaranteed regardless of which embryo is implanted. So, please don’t blame yourself.


Patients need both medical and emotional healing themselves. A medical recovery is very important, but emotional recovery is just as crucial. While the doctors at Hegde Fertility will guide and assist you in emotional recovery, it is equally important. Do not hold back what you need to say, talk to loved ones, and talk to a therapist.

Nature at Work

A pregnancy or miscarriage can be prevented by nature by recognizing unviable pregnancies so the body can stop them from occurring. Many DNA patterns need to match and align for an embryo to form a healthy baby. Should they not, nature may step in to help.

Follow-up Visit

At Hegde Fertility, a follow-up visit usually means checking the patient and trying to understand what didn’t work in their IVF treatment. If your doctor suggests you visit a fertility specialist, schedule the visit as soon as possible. Depending on the patient’s needs and capabilities, Hegde Fertility then helps them to determine an appropriate plan of action.

Make a Plan

The first IVF cycle failure should push patients to be more diligent about following through with their plans. Don’t wait until the dust settles before you talk about it.  If it fails, talk with your doctor about what to do next.

Support Groups

Online and offline support groups are easy to find thanks to the penetration of the internet. It is a good idea to connect with such people and share your experiences and allow them to tell you about what they feel insecure about and what situations they went through. No matter what you experience on this journey, you are not alone.


1.How long should you wait after a failed IVF cycle?

It is not recommended to do a fresh IVF cycle two months in a row without a menstruation cycle in between. The usual wait time for starting another full cycle after embryo transfer and a negative pregnancy test is about 4 to 6 weeks.

2.Can you get pregnant naturally after a failed IVF cycle?

Natural conception is possible even after the first attempt at IVF is unsuccessful. About 20% of couples who tried ART succeeded in becoming pregnant on their own after treatment, according to a study. It is common for couples to present for fertility care when they are sub-fertile, rather than infertile.

3.Is there hope after failed IVF?

Don’t worry, after a first unsuccessful IVF cycle, most couples are more likely to conceive naturally within five years. For couples who may not be able to afford further IVF cycles or who have been discouraged by failed IVF procedures, this offers real hope.

4.Is the second round of IVF more successful?

New research shows that multiple rounds of IVF cycles can improve the chance of having a child. The study examined more than 67,000 women from New Zealand and USA who underwent IVF. According to the study, 43% of women had a baby after their first IVF cycle.

5.How can I make my first IVF successful?

  • Keep your weight under control.
  • Optimize the health of your sperm.
  • Take steps to reduce your stress
  • Don’t smoke.
  • Work with an experienced doctor and laboratory that provide excellent embryology services, like Hegde Fertility.


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