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How Does Obesity Interfere With Fertility?


In India, obesity is one of the biggest health concerns. It is estimated that 22.4% of Indians aged 20 and over are obese. Researchers predicted that the number would reach 40% within the next decade. In addition to hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease, they are related to obesity and may shorten a person’s lifespan.

There is no secret that obesity is associated with several health conditions, and now infertility can also be added to that list. A person’s body mass index affects how difficult it is to conceive, regardless of whether they’re overweight or underweight.

How Obesity Affects Your Fertility?

Inhibiting normal ovulation is caused by a high BMI, such as obesity or extreme obesity. Estrogen is produced by your ovaries and stored in fat cells. When your body detects estrogen overload, it acts as though you have already become pregnant & prevents ovulation. By the way, the same principles apply to estrogen-containing birth control.

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is linked to obesity, so gaining weight can increase PCOS symptoms and worsen the condition. Weight gain contributes to PCOS, which in turn increases weight gain. In general, about 80% of women with PCOS are obese or overweight.

NIH and related studies have shown that a simple five to ten percent weight loss improves PCOS-related fertility. Losing weight with PCOS isn’t easy, but it’s not impossible either. By losing weight under the direction of your physician, you can improve your fertility.

Women aren’t the only ones experiencing fertility problems due to obesity. It can also affect men. Getting too heavy in men leads to reduced sperm production, decreased libido, and low testosterone levels, which contribute to erectile dysfunction. A Harvard Health study found that obese men have a 42% greater likelihood of having a low sperm count and an 81% greater chance of not producing any at all as compared to men with a healthy body mass index.

What Can You Do?

In some cases, a change in your lifestyle is the solution. Knowing the reasons behind your high BMI is vital to your health and the health of your future family. We are here for you every step of the way with our compassionate and supportive staff. Contact Hegde Fertility today and let’s make your parenting dreams come true.

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