Can You Think of a Positive IVF Pregnancy With Low AMH Levels?

Female bodies produce AMH, or Anti Mullerian Hormone, which indicates their ovarian reserve. When AMH levels are low, the ovarian reserve is likely to be lower as well. Having low levels of AMH has led to concerns that might result in female infertility.

Before drawing any conclusions, you should analyze the difference between a myth and a reality.

So, let us take a close look at what AMH is, how it affects IVF results, and what are the signs and symptoms of low AMH levels… Let us go further to find out more.

Do You Know What AMH or Anti Mullerian Hormone Is?

AMH is a hormone generated by the granulosa cells found in the ovaries. A woman’s ovarian reserve is measured by these hormones. A female with a low AMH level has a Diminished Ovarian Reserve.

In order to determine body AMH levels, it arises a question: how can it be checked?

It is very easy to diagnose AMH levels via a simple hormonal test and ultrasound.

Symptoms of Low AMH Levels

You will experience specific symptoms if your AMH levels are low, and you will need an AMH test to determine the level of AMH. In the following section, we list some symptoms that may indicate fluctuated or diminished ovarian reserve.

  • Irregular Menstrual Cycles

Your doctor will recommend testing your AMH level whenever your menstrual cycle is missed or irregular.

  • PCOS

PCOS causes multiple reproductive disorders, including infertility, which is one of the main causes of infertility.

So, if you have PCOS, you should get your AMH checked and plan your pregnancy properly after consultation with your doctor.

  • Ovarian Cancer

Having ovarian cancer can have different effects on your reproductive health. Some women report a decrease in ovarian reserve due to it, and it can vary from woman to woman. Therefore, it’s always wise to check AMH levels if you have ovarian cancer.

  • Early Menopause

An AMH test should be taken if you experience early menopause because it may interfere with fertility.

  • Is it possible for me to become pregnant?
  • Can low AMH levels cause permanent infertility?
  • Does it affect the success rate of IVF treatments?

Please read on for more information to answer all your questions.

Live Birth and Pregnancy Rate With Low AMH Levels

AMH level is an important factor in determining whether a woman can conceive naturally.

The following statistics are based on recent studies that show a connection between IVF and low AMH:

  • Due to the extremely low levels of AMH, the Live Birth Rate (LBR) is approximately 11.43 percent.
  • In mildly low AMH levels, the LBR improves further to 16.4 percent
  • As a result of all the above distracting AMH levels, IVF is associated with an LBR of approximately 30.4% with normal AMH.

Before reaching any conclusions, it is important to note that women’s age is another major factor that affects IVF Success Rate.

The age of a woman has always played a significant role in her infertility. No matter what the status of AMH levels are, the fertility rate and the success rate of IVF decline with age.

Statistics of IVF Success Considering Age Factor and AMH Levels

  Below 35 Years

  • When women are below 35 years old, they have a high success rate with IVF with Normal AMH levels. Depending on the female and male fertility conditions, the rate can vary between 50 and 70%.
  • Women below 35 years of age with low AMH levels the success rate can be between 40 and 60%.

Above 35 Years

  • IVF success rates with normal AMH levels for women between 35 and 40 years old are between 7% to 33.2%.
  • Now, in the case of low AMH levels, IVF Pregnancy success rates can degrade further from 6% to 13.3%.


  • Infertility in women caused by low AMH cannot be permanent.
  • Low AMH levels only affect the number of ovaries, not their quality. Thus, there will be no problems with the IVF procedure.
  • Low AMH levels and older age can lead to both a decrease in the quality and quantity of eggs. Consequently, IVF with Low AMH Levels is less likely to be successful only under such conditions.

Consultation Is The Key To Getting The Right Solution

AMH levels are not the only infertility issue that you can consult with your doctor about. If you are experiencing other issues with infertility, you can look for a clinically proven solution with your doctor.

If you experience any symptoms of Low AMH, call us at 8880 74 74 74! Or you can visit the Hegde Fertility Clinic in Hyderabad.


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