Infertility – A Social Stigma!

Infertility – A Social Stigma!

Infertility is a common problem seen in most of the couples. There are many different reasons that are responsible for infertility in males and females. Apart from physical changes, there are a lot of emotional changes that takes place when you’re unable to conceive after having regular unprotected sex for a year.

Understanding infertility in the developing world

Understanding infertility and the causes are very important as it can help in diagnosis and treatment. According to the medical science, infertility is a condition seen in couples who are unable to conceive even after trying without using any birth control measures.

Social Stigma and Infertility

Social stigma is generally linked to being childless. According to World Health Organization (WHO), around 15 % of the couples are affected by infertility globally. Most of the couples don’t prefer any treatment or diagnosis as there is a great social stigma attached to the same.

There are many disease conditions that get unnoticed and untreated due to the pressure from the society. Generally, people prefer not to talk in front of the doctors or the closed relations as there is a high chance of getting blamed. Doctors or medical practitioners are generally considered as strangers thus, people hesitate in sharing their health concerns openly with them.

The society has not moved out from Dark Age till now. There are many educated and well-settled families who also consider being childless is an issue and either of the partners needed to be blamed. The society needs to understand infertility is not a blame game as both partners get affected physically and emotionally when they are childless.

Infertility and other fertility issues are no more major issues these days. The assisted reproductive technology and infertility treatments have changed the scenario completely by making sure that people do not need to be childless for the rest of their life.

Due to the social stigma, people think adoption is the last option to deal with infertility. This is a misconception because the medical science is more developed and the technology can make anything possible in reality.

Infertility stigma for Males and Females

Either male or female or both the partners are responsible for infertility and one cannot blame either of them for this condition. In most of the cases, the women called barren whereas, the male partner does not even go for check up. It is recommended that both the partners should openly discuss and understand the problem.

Initially, it is suggested that you must consult the infertility specialist and get yourself diagnosed to know the root cause of the condition. Early diagnosis helps in the early treatment and can reduce the emotional trauma of the couple to a maximum extent.

When you are unable to conceive, you can consult the fertility center for treatment. Infertility can also be treated with assisted reproductive technology like IVF, IUI and ICSI. For IVF treatment  you can contact the Hegde Fertility – IVF center in Hyderabad.

Infertility treatment is common and can be treated with IVF. The IVF success rate is high when compared to other cities. The infertility treatments can be performed under the supervision of the infertility specialist in Hyderabad. Dr. Vandana Hegde is the best infertility specialist.

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