Trouble Getting Pregnant? When to See an Infertility Specialist

Trouble Getting Pregnant? When to See an Infertility Specialist

Infertility is generally considered as the inability to conceive or achieve pregnancy after 12 months or more of unprotected intercourse.

Infertility is classified into two categories

  • Primary infertility 

Primary infertility is a condition in which the woman is unable to conceive without any previous pregnancy.

  • Secondary infertility

Secondary infertility generally accounts for different infertility problems seen in a couple after they have conceived on their own in the past.

  • Sterility

Sterility is a condition in which there is no chance of pregnancy. Sterility is completely different from infertility. Infertility generally represents a reduced potential for pregnancy that can be cured with treatment.

Factors Affecting your Pregnancy

The chances of pregnancy are dependent on several factors like:

  1. The frequency of having an intercourse
  2. When you have stopped using birth control pills and other methods
  3. Excessive smoking or tobacco intake
  4. Excess alcohol intake or recreational drugs
  5. History of gynecological problems like PCOS
  6. History of thyroid diseases
  7. Abnormal PAP smears
  8. Obesity
  9. Anorexia
  10. Endometriosis
  11. Irregular periods or difficulty ovulating

How long should you wait before consulting with a fertility specialist?

Age is one of the common factors that need to be considered while conceiving.  The common guidelines include:

  • Under age of 35

When you have no known health problem or fertility issue then, you can try for 12 months before consulting any infertility specialist.  In case of any specific gynecological disease, it is better to consult infertility specialist for treatment.

  • Over the age of 35

In case if you have been trying unsuccessfully for six months, you may wish to consult the infertility specialist to achieve a healthy pregnancy.

  • 40 years of age or older

Based upon the assessment of your fertility, you need to ask your gynecologist for a referral to an infertility specialist.

How Age affects the ability to conceive?

As you age the chances of the achieving pregnancy gradually decreases. With age, the quantity and quality of eggs decrease and increase the risk of infertility. There are some women who face difficulty in conceiving even in their twenties whereas, there are some women do not face any difficulty even after 35 years of age.

You need to understand that it is not compulsory that you may not achieve a healthy pregnancy in old age. The situation differs from person to person and the treatment is required depending on the disease condition.

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