What is Surgical Sperm Retrieval?

Surgical sperm retrieval in Hegde Fertility is a process of removing sperms by a surgical method directly from the testis of a patient. A very small number of sperms are taken. They are later used in ICSI.

Tesa/Pesa/Mesa Suitable For:

Sperm formation takes place in the testicles. They are later stored to mature in the epididymis. Some men do produce sperm in the testis but it fails to reach the semen.

This can be due to following reasons

  • Absent vas deferens (the tubes which carry the sperms)
  • Block in the tract of the vas deferens (mostly because of vasectomy)
  • Erectile dysfunction

Surgical Sperm retrieval methods:

(Pesa) Percutaneous Epididymal Sperm Aspiration Treatment

In this Infertility treatment procedure, the patient is mostly given sedatives and painkillers to make him sleep. sometimes general anesthesia can also be given. The sperms are directly removed from the epididymis. The infertility specialist passes a needle through the skin of the testicular sac. It is then placed in the epididymis. The small amount of fluid is removed and tested for the presence of the sperms.

(Tesa) Testicular Sperm Aspiration procedure

This procedure is also known as testicular fine needle aspiration (TFNA).A needle is passed directly into the testis. A piece of the tissue is removed. It is then tested in the laboratory under a microscope for the examination of the sperms.

 (Mesa)Microsurgical Epididymal Sperm Aspiration Procedure

As the name suggests, the procedure is a microsurgery. It is done with the help of an operating microscope. The microscope is used to precisely locate the tubules of the epididymis. Then a needle is inserted in the tubule. With this microsurgery procedure in Hegde Fertility, a large number of sperms can be removed.

(Perc Biopsy) Percutaneous Biopsy of the Testis

This procedure is similar to TESA in Hegde Fertility. The only difference is a larger needle is used in this procedure. With the help of this needle, a biopsy (piece of the testicular tissue) is taken. It leads to the extraction of a large number of sperms.

(Tese ) Testicular Sperm Extraction 

In this procedure, the scrotum is opened. A large volume of testicular tissue is removed from multiple areas in the testis. A microscope is then used to identify sperms and extract them.

Micro Dissection Tese 

Again in this procedure, a microscope is used. Microdissection is done to locate areas from the tissue can be removed.  Because of this procedure, there is less damage to the inside of the testicles. There is less damage to the veins carrying blood supply. A large number of sperms can be removed.

The obtained sperms are then are used for the purpose of ICSI treatment in Hegde Fertility, renowned infertility hospitals. They can also be frozen and stored in the sperm bank. Whenever the couple wants to use them, they are thawed and used for fertilization of the eggs.

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