Rise in the need of Infertility Clinics and Specialists

Rise in the need of Infertility Clinics and Specialists


According to one latest research, the Indian birth rate is decreasing. The number of females conceiving naturally has far much reduced over the last few years. Research suggests that there is significant rise of 20 to 30 % in infertility cases in India in the last 5 years.

Infertility Clinics – Abruptly Rose in Demand

Previously it was associated with women from urban area. But now it is no more limited to urban area or exclusively to women. In this society, the infertility problem has affected the male population as well. Let’s discuss some of the reasons:

Increased maternal age:

Females also have goal driven and demanding careers in this era. Hence the maternal age of conception is increasing. Majority of the females marry in early 30s and have kids even later. But, this has a side effect. As her age increases, the ovarian reserve of her body i.e. the residual number of the egg cells decrease. As the time goes by, it becomes a difficult for the women to get pregnant without any hassle after she crosses 30 years of her age.

 Lifestyle modifications:

The sedentary lifestyle, lack of physical exercise takes a toll on the body. the food habits such as junk foods, foods with excessive sugars lead to weight gain and results in obesity. These factors also have a fair share in the rise of the infertility. It affects males and females alike.


Because of increased stress and no way to vent it out of the body, it starts having negative effects internally in the body leading to problems like high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, anxiety. These all problems contribute to the increasing percentage of the infertility cases.

All these causes have resulted in the rise of the infertility. The number of couples seeking medical help has increased significantly over the last few years.

Infertility diagnosis

Determining the cause of infertility is a very complex procedure. A lot of research and investigations are required in order to pin point the cause of infertility. the reason can be a simple cyst to exposure to radioactive substances.

It requires certain experience and expertise to make the correct diagnosis and treat effectively in order to make the couple fulfil their dream of becoming parents.

Cost Effective Infertility Treatments:

There has been a lot of research going on in the field of reproductive medicine. The reproductive medicine has evolved a lot in the last few years. The integration of technology with the medical field has enabled the fertility specialists in helping people to conceive.

The couples who are unable to conceive naturally can now have a child by the means of assisted reproductive techniques popularly known as ART.

The ART consists of following treatment modalities:

  1. IUI: intra uterine insemination
  2. IVF: in vitro fertilization (test tube baby)
  3. GIFT: gamete intra- fallopian transfer
  4. Cryopreservation
  5. ICSI: intra cytoplasmic sperm injection
  6. TESA/MESA/PESA etc.
  7. Surrogacy in India
  8. Egg, sperm donation etc.


The specialists have to create an atmosphere similar to that of a woman’s uterus for fertilization to take place. Hence, The Artificial reproductive technologies need a highly monitored and controlled environment. To reproduce this kind of highly accurate and sensitive atmosphere, there is necessity of ultra- modern laboratory facilities which are very costly and delicate to handle. It also requires people who are trained at handling these ultramodern instruments efficiently and without any errors to get the optimum results.

As the reproductive medicine becomes even more sophisticated and highly technology oriented, there is bound to be a rise in demand of Infertility Clinics and Specialist .

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