Does Quality of Eggs Affect IVF Treatment

Does Quality of Eggs Affect IVF Treatment

Female fertility mainly depends on the quality of eggs that are produced. The age and ovarian reserve of a woman will have a direct impact on the fertility and embryo implantation during IVF treatment.

It is impossible to assess the quality of an egg by looking at it or by measuring its ability to receive the fertilization by sperm. The quality of an egg cannot by assessed by simply observing the initial embryo division.

Deciding factors for the success and failure of embryo implantation

The success and failure of embryo implantations depend on certain factors like:


Your age plays an important role in achieving a healthy pregnancy. Even though a normal FSH (follicular stimulating hormone) level is maintained, age plays an important role in determining the quality of an egg. Normal FSH level cannot be considered as the reassuring factor for the lower implantation rate when you are above 45 years of age.

Diminished Ovarian Reserve

When you are having an increased FSH level on the third day of your menstrual period, you are most likely to have a diminished reserve of the ovary. This condition refers that your ovary is not competent in sending the feedback signals to the pituitary gland. In such cases, your body responds by producing an increased amount of FSH for stimulating your ovary.

According to the research study and observation of over thousands of fertility cycles, women with an increased FSH levels have a lower egg quality. Poor quality of egg generally increases the risk of infertility or low chances of pregnancy.

Diminished quality of Egg

As you grow older, the capacity of the mitochondria in producing energy gradually declines. The egg is generally linked to circulation before ovulation to implantation. The eggs and the resulting embryo is present in the zona pellucida and it functions on the basis of mitochondrial energy supply.

Older age does not cause any problem in the initial stages of ovulations, fertilization and embryonic development. But soon after the initiation, it runs out of energy and stops dividing before it could reach the implantation stage.  Thus it is highly important to get your eggs tested to diagnose the presence of any sort of chromosomal abnormality.

Donor eggs are generally preferred when the mother is not able to produce the better quality of eggs for fertilization during IVF treatment.


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