Psychological Counselling to Deal with Male Infertility

Psychological Counselling to Deal with Male Infertility

There are many couples who want to complete their family, although they are not able to do so because of the infertility. It can be because of problems in the female and/or in males.

Male infertility is the inability of the male to cause a pregnancy in female who is fertile.

Male Infertility rise in India:

Male infertility has been on the rise in India since last few years. A recent health survey has revealed that almost 46% of the Indian males belonging to the age group of 31 and 40, underwent a medical intervention for conceiving a pregnancy.  Male infertility is a cause in almost 50% of the cases of infertility and it is the main cause in almost 30% of all pregnancies.

Effect of Male Infertility on personal self:

It has come to the light that these medical interventions do not only have a physical impact but they also leave a deep psychological impact on the male. It has an adverse effect on the self-image in their mind.

Although the causes of infertility are mostly physiological, the resulting heart break and the insecurity takes a toll on the mental health of an individual as well. In addition to this, the infertility treatments which many times involve hormonal treatments result in a huge psychological impact.

A study has come forward stating that almost half of the women and almost 15% of the men have labelled their infertility as the most depressing experience of their lives.

Male Infertility leading to Psychological issues:

The reactions of female and males differ in response to the news of infertility, research suggests. Men even though do not express as much but they undergo through the same phases of fear, anxiety, depression and guilt over not being able to reproduce.

Anxiety and depression:

Infertile Male often have issues such as anxiety. It results mainly from their concern about masculinity, sexual adequacy and potency. It also results in a mental stress.

Psychological impotency:

The infertility also is a big blow to the perception of the selves, resulting in mental instability which leads to development of impotence.

Sperm count:

This negative impact on the sperm count as well. The sperm parameters get affected in a significant proportion.


It also results in erectile dysfunction, lack of confidence and decreased libido.

Psychological counselling for Male Infertility:

Even though many times males hide this factor, it does have its repercussions. It can be treated by following interventions:

a. Counselling:

Counselling has shown a lot of promise in cases of psychological infertility. Males who come to terms with their infertility, connect the dots and realise and accept the reality show improved results in their sperm count as well. These men have higher chances of causing a pregnancy. It also decreases their stress, anxiety and redefine their role as a male in their mind. The erectile dysfunction can also be treated in the same way. It also results in the revival of their sexual drive.

b. Marital therapy:

Males are less likely to ask for help in a situation of infertility. Many men refuse the psychological counselling despite the potential benefits. In these cases, marital counselling is an alternative available.  Men who are open to their partners about their feelings of guilt and insecurity regarding the infertility will experience decreased stress and irritability as well as depression. Males who deal with their partner’s disappointment and anger openly and make conscious efforts in re-establishing their marital roles show improvement in the sperm count. It will also reduce their stress and bring harmony to their relations with the partner as the people around them.

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