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International Patients

Hegde Fertility center has witnessed many clients from across the border having successful treatments in our center by conceiving in just the first cycle with us after repeated failures at other centers including at the centers at the US.

The center is ideally located in the heart of Hi-Tech City surrounded by Major IT companies with Big Brand hotel chains all around. No inconvenience needs to be faced by the couples undergoing treatment here. The complete procedure is overseen personally by the Medical Director – Dr. Vandana Hegde. We have set standards of practices & ethics that allows for ease in your treatment with the language being no barrier whatsoever.

Also as an added bonus, the city Hyderabad & the various diverse regions of south India in itself make for a good destination for touring for foreign nationals.

For those who are yet to decide on which country is the most affordable for their treatment, below are few statistics based on pricing that will let you decide for yourself:

 IVF Procedure [Converted to USD]MedicationTotal
USA$12,146.00Includes Medication$12,146.00
UK$10,100.00Includes Medication$10,100.00
Hong Kong$6,593.00Includes Medication$8,093.00
UAE$6,475.00Includes Medication$6,475.00
Belgium$5,944.00Includes Medication$5,944.00
Argentina$5,600.00Includes Medication$5,600.00
China$5,428.00Includes Medication$5,428.00
Austria$4,840.00Includes Medication$4,840.00
Brazil$4,000.00Includes Medication$4,000.00
India$3,238.00Includes Medication$3,238.00


One of the cheapest centre in the US charges for the First cycle $6600, second $5900. Drugs additional cost, judiciously applied. Mini in vitro is available, but full service IVF IS main thrust.


Sweden offers a fixed price programme including all pre-treatment, viral screening, blood tests, scans, Consultations with the Consultant here, Medication, IVF Support Services support throughout, Egg collection, ICSI if required, Blastocyst cultivation if suitable, assisted hatching if needed, transfer, the final stage of 2 week wait care in the UK, continued support and access to the consultants throughout – £7500 Approx. [Approx. $10,000]

Almost all centers in the UK have similar average costs.


Most centers offer a number of treatment packages but the basic cost would be $8000 including medication.


First office visit: U$D 300 (American dollars)

Egg donor cycle: U$D 4,600 (American dollars)

Embryo freezing (only when having good quality embryos): U$D 400 (American dollars)


The costs for IVF are 2600€ (approx. US$3,440), IVF with ICSI 3000€ (approx. US$3.970)

The costs for medicine are additional costs (about 1000€ (approx. US$1,323))


These figures have to be added to obtain the total price. A typical IVF/ICSI-cycle with stimulation costs * 800 + 2000[IVF procedure] + 250 + 300+1000[Stimulation & Medication] = 4350 Euros (approx. US$5,944)

These prices do not include travel expenses nor costs for hotel accommodation.


The actual cost of an IVF cycle is R$ 8.000,00 (Brazilian currency) + medicines (approximately US$ 4,000.00).). The price for R$ 8.000,00 includes ultrasound, IVF lab, aesthesis and embryo transfer.

We charge for embryo freezing R$ 1.000,00 a tax for embryo storage (about US$ 500.00). Every couple needs to have a set of laboratory exams (HIV, type B hepatitis, etc.) at a cost of R$ 400,00 each partner (about US$ 200.00).

Hong Kong:

Hong Kong offers procedures at an average cost of $40,000-HK$50,000

The cost (approx. US$5,155 – US$6,445) only includes the standard drug package.  If you
wish to use expensive drugs like Gonal F, Puregon or Luveris etc, you are
required to pay for the differences in cost between these drugs and the usual
drugs we use for your stimulation. Also, HK$1,000 (approx. US$130) will be charged as first consultation & scans.


The total cost per cycle of IVF or ICSI will cost about USD 3000 – 3500. This cost includes the injections required for the stimulation, ultrasound and blood tests for monitoring of stimulation, the ART package (the lab and theatre charges from egg collection till embryo transfer) and the medications for post embryo transfer luteal support.

Please contact us at for the cost of procedures at our center.