Lifestyle Changes That Can Enhance Fertility

Lifestyle Changes That Can Enhance Fertility

Infertility is a common problem seen in both men and women all around the world. When the couple plan for a baby both of them need to make certain changes in their lifestyle to assist a healthy conception.

The main Lifestyle changes one can make in their Lifestyle are:

Regular exercise

Women who regularly exercise prior to pregnancy are less likely to suffer with ovulatory infertility. Women who exercise one hour regularly reduce the risk of infertility up to 7 %. To avoid infertility incidence a woman must exercise minimum 5 hours a week.

Avoid artificial lubricants

Artificial lubricants have a negative impact on sperm produced. Artificial lubricants are toxic to sperm. In place of artificial lubricants, canola oil can be use as it does not have any negative effect on the sperm and is sperm friendly.

Overweight or underweight conditions

Overweight or underweight both conditions can reduce the chances of conceiving. Overweight women produce excess of androgen. Along with androgen, estrogen and insulin are also produces that prevent the release of eggs from ovaries every month. Presence of high level of hormones in the body affects the quality of eggs in case if they are released from the ovaries.

An underweight woman has low levels of leptin. When the levels are reduced to maximum extent certain signals are passed on to the brain indicating that enough fat is not available for reproduction. Such signals to the brain halt ovulation.

Overweight or underweight men also face problems with sperm quality. For conceiving both partners should maintain a healthy weight.

Use of folic acid

According to research more intake of folic acid improves ovulation and thus it is important for a woman to take folic acid in reproductive age. Men also should take folic acid supplement to improve the quality of sperm. Folic acid makes healthier sperm.

Folic acid intake reduces the chances of genetic problems and miscarriage.

Trans fats

Trans fats increases the risk of infertility in both partners. Presence of more Trans fats in the body results in decreasing the body’s ability to react to insulin. Women who are insulin resistant and have diabetes are at high risk of irregular ovulation.  Trans fats are generally present in packaged foods.

Avoid caffeine

Caffeine alters the hormone levels in the body and thus can affect ovulation. According to the recent researches, women who consume less than one cup of coffee every day are more likely to conceive when compared to moderate drinkers. In few cases high intake of caffeine may reduce the chances of live birth

Avoid alcohol

Alcohol has a negative impact on both male and female fertility. High levels of alcohol consumption increases risk for the fetus.  Men who are frequent drinkers are at high risk of impotence and it also affects the quality of sperm produced. Male infertility is common in men who drink more on a daily basis.

Increase protein intake

Vegetable protein is preferable when compared to animal protein. Excess of animal protein content increases the risk of infertility in women. Beans, tofu and nuts contain proteins that can enhance fertility. Women who consume vegetable protein are less likely to have ovulatory problems than who consume animal protein.

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