Second Opinion on IVF and Fertility Treatment

Considering a second opinion is quite important if you’ve already undergone failed cycles at other programs or have general doubts, questions, or concerns regarding your current fertility care.

At Hegde Fertility Center, we strive to give you a better understanding of your treatment options and to make a real difference in your future success.

If you have previously seen a doctor at another fertility center but feel uncomfortable or unsure with the advice or care you’ve received, then get our expert’s Second Opinion which provides you with the opportunity to receive comprehensive advice from our award-winning team.

Why should you get a Second Opinion?

Seeking a second opinion is very important if you need to make certain or receive an accurate diagnosis and the best treatment options. A decent consultant will welcome the input of another professional.

It’s important to give the exact details of your diagnosis and planned treatment to the doctor with whom you are seeking the second opinion Always make sure you have the below information and reports

  • Copies of all your pervious fertility treatment reports
  • If you have had a surgery earlier, a copy of the postoperative report
  • If you were hospitalized earlier, the discharge summary
  • A summary of your current treatment plan.
  • Details of your current medication plan and dosage schedule

Our entire team of fertility experts regularly meet to discuss and make suggestions for all rare or difficult infertility cases.

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