IVF: Extending Number of Cycles Increases Efficacy

IVF: Extending Number of Cycles Increases Efficacy

IVF (in vitro fertilization) treatment is mainly used for couples who are unable to conceive or facing problems in carrying a healthy pregnancy. In vitro fertilization involves the fertilization of an egg or eggs in the laboratory. IVF treatment can be performed by using your own eggs and sperm or in few cases a donated sperm and a donated egg can also be used.

Is IVF treatment for you?

Your doctor may recommend IVF treatment only in the following cases:

  • When you have been diagnosed with unexplained infertility
  • When your fallopian tubes are blocked
  • When other assisted reproductive technologies like IUI failed to give any positive results
  • When the male partner is having fertility problems
  • When frozen sperms are used in the treatment
  • When you use embryo testing procedure

IVF Procedure

IVF fertility treatment is a stepwise procedure that involves the following stages in case of women:

  1. Suppressing your monthly hormone cycle
  2. Boosting the egg supply
  3. Checking the progress of egg production
  4. Collecting the eggs
  5. Fertilization
  6. Embryo transfer

IVF fertility treatment for men includes the following stages:

  1. Drugs are taken for stimulating sperm production
  2. Sperm production
  3. Washing of sperms
  4. Separation of active sperms from poor quality sperm
  5. Fertilization in the laboratory
  6. Embryo transfer

In case of frozen sperms:

  1. Sperms are removed from frozen storage
  2. Thawing
  3. Separation of active sperms from poor quality sperm
  4. Fertilization in the laboratory
  5. Embryo transfer

Extending Number of Cycles Increase Efficacy

The chances of achieving a healthy pregnancy increases with more number of cycles. More than four cycles of in vitro fertilization increase the rate of live births in women younger than 42 years. In few countries the number of IVF cycles is restricted and limited to a particular number.

Generally women do not prefer more than four cycles of In vitro fertilization even when, there is no restriction in their country. More IVF cycles affects the probability of live births. The live birth rate for the first cycle of IVF treatment was 29.5%. According to the recent studies, the live birth rate increases to 65% till ninth cycle of IVF treatment.

Women who use their own eggs and are younger than 40 years of age, the live birth rate is around 32% during the first cycle and eventually decreases to 20% till the fourth cycle. Women who are under 40 years of age will achieve a cumulative prognosis adjusted live birth rate of 68%.

Women above 40-42 years of age have 12% chances of live birth rate. There are no changes in live birth rate percentage with age only in cases where the donor eggs are used. Chances of live birth are less in women with untreated male partner related infertility.

IVF success rate depends on many factors like age and the fertility issues the partners are facing. You can consult the IVF center for successful IVF treatment. Hegde Fertility center is the best IVF center in Hyderabad. In vitro fertilization cost is reasonable and is performed at competitive rates at Hegde fertility clinic.

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