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One Of The Best Fertility Centers In Hyderabad

Hegde Fertility Center is a state of the art facility where couples can have all issues causing them failure in achieving pregnancy addressed on site. The fertility center facility has an on-site Andrology & embryology lab that allows couples to determine the causes of their failed attempts at conception in a short time. The entire treatment following the determination of the cause is handled on-site under the guidance of Dr. Vandana Hegde – An Infertility Specialist with vast experience of handling more than a thousand successful pregnancies.

Her team of experts execute her diagnosis in a caring and understanding manner with strict adherence to protocols. The treatment incorporates egg retrievals and embryo transfers that do not require  complete general anaesthesia.

The centre is equipped with highly advanced medical equipments that are used in producing detailed reports of analysis of the egg & sperm and allowing for the formation of the highest quality of embryos to be transferred in the Mother’s womb.

The centre is not limited to its labs but also possesses a highly advanced OT & ICU where advanced Laparoscopy treatments, Ivf treatment are regularly performed for surgically curing infertility issues if required. Our staff are highly trained & are experience in handling patients from around the globe & country.

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