Global IVF Cost

Global IVF Cost

Hegde Fertility center has witnessed many clients from across the border having successful treatments in our center by conceiving in just the first cycle with us after repeated failures at other centers including at the centers at the US.

The center is ideally located in the heart of Hi-Tech City surrounded by Major IT companies with Big Brand hotel chains all around. No inconvenience needs to be faced by the couples undergoing treatment here. The complete procedure is overseen personally by the Medical Director – Dr. Vandana Hegde. We have set standards of practices & ethics that allows for ease in your treatment with the language being no barrier whatsoever.

Also as an added bonus, the city Hyderabad & the various diverse regions of south India in itself make for a good destination for touring for foreign nationals.

For those who are yet to decide on which country is the most affordable for their treatment, below are few statistics based on pricing that will let you decide for yourself:

 IVF Procedure [Converted to USD]MedicationTotal
USA$12,146.00Includes Medication$12,146.00
UK$10,100.00Includes Medication$10,100.00
Hong Kong$6,593.00Includes Medication$8,093.00
UAE$6,475.00Includes Medication$6,475.00
Belgium$5,944.00Includes Medication$5,944.00
Argentina$5,600.00Includes Medication$5,600.00
China$5,428.00Includes Medication$5,428.00
Austria$4,840.00Includes Medication$4,840.00
Brazil$4,000.00Includes Medication$4,000.00
India$3,238.00Includes Medication$3,238.00

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