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When to Consult Infertility Doctor

→ If the couple has failed to conceive within 1 year of unprotected intercourse or six months if the woman is over 35 years.

→ A couple with a history of two or more miscarriages

→ A woman with a history of pelvic surgery or pelvic diseases

→ A man with an inability to achieve an erection or ejaculation

→ A woman with a mother or sister with menopause at an earlier age

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Preimplementation Genetic Screening

Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis is used to test embryos for any genetic problem or chromosome abnormality. The process is mainly used to select only chromosomally normal embryos or those free from any genetic disorders for transfer during an IVF cycle, increasing their chances of having a healthy baby.

Benefits of PGD

  • The procedure can be used to test over 100 genetic conditions
  • PGD is carried out before implantation thus allowing the couple to decide on whether they want pregnancy
  • Couples can have biological children

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Our Treatments

→ Ovulation Induction & Timed Intercourse
→ IUI Infertility Treatment
→ Conventional IVF Treatment
→ Natural Cycle IVF
→ Minimal Stimulation IVF
→ IVM (In-Vitro-Maturation)
→ Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET)

→ Preimplementation Genetic Screening
→ Blastocyst Culture
→ Assisted Hatching
→ Fertility Preservation
→ Sperm & Oocyte Freezing
→ Fallopian Tube Catheterization
→ Embro Cyro Preservation
→ Sperm Freezing
→ Minimal Invasive Surgery
→ Endometrial Receptivity Analysis

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