Impacts of Lifestyle Habits on Infertility

Impacts of Lifestyle Habits on Infertility

Now a days, more couples delay childbearing in order to establish their careers and later visit the infertility specialist for evaluation and treatment. Some common causes of infertility related to health and lifestyle affect fertility in both male and female.

Smoking, Nicotine and Recreational drug use

Smoking and use of recreational drug use (marijuana, cocaine etc ) may reduce sperm count or cause abnormal sperm morphology and affects the DNA in sperms. In women, studies show they have caused ovulatory problems and are also directly toxic to the developing egg.

Smokers are twice more likely to get erectile dysfunction as non-smokers.  Nicotine restricts blood flow to genitals. smoking temporarily increases the testosterone levels but long-term effect is negative. Smokers have sperm count compared to non-smokers and take 3-4 times greater time to conceive than a non-smoker.

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Alcohol causes decrease in male libido and decrease in percentage of normal sperms. In women , most ovulatory infertility includes hormonal imbalance which worsens by hepatic congestion. The hormonal excess requires a healthy liver to metabolize and excrete but the body cannot get rid of the excess hormones when its busy metabolizing alcoholic beverages.


Cola drinkers have 30% lower sperm count than men who drink no cola.

Caffeine hinders sperm motility and thereby causes infertility, where as in women caffeine reduces the muscle activity in fallopian tube that carry egg from ovaries to her womb. MSG (monosodium glutamate) found as a food additive in chips and soups and also Aspartame found as a sweeter in diet cokes & sugar free products is also associated with bad success rates in infertility treatment.  Excess omega 3 fatty acids are associated with endometriosis compared to women who eat little or no omega 3

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Overweight / underweight

Being at extreme ends of BMI is associated with hormonal imbalances.


Stress and infertility are a chicken and egg problem. stress can cause infertility and infertility causes stress as well. Present lifestyle and work pressure have brought stress into our lives and has become a major trigger of infertility leading to erectile dysfunction, decrease sperm production ,increase levels of prolactin, decrease sexual activity and ovulation suppression.

Wrong lifestyle invites infertility and other diseases too. Medicines alone cannot cure this problem, we must correct our lifestyle too…!

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