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The ART training program at HEGDE aims to offer a highly advanced and globally competitive curriculum in the field of Assisted Reproductive Technology. All aspirants shall be imbued with knowledge & skills from experienced doctors in all aspects of ART. Care shall be taken that each trainee is able to practice the techniques under the supervision of experts.

ART Training Basic(Level 1)

All trainees start by learning the basics of IUI Cycle i.e. from Ovulation induction to Insemination which includes Ultrasound Scans to Sample Preparation and then move on to the advanced curriculum methods of quantitative and qualitative semen analysis and sperm morphology. The entire syllabus is set as per the globally accepted WHO standards including the donor policies that are made mandatory by the ICMR.

When acquiring new concepts and skills, there is no substitute for learning by practice. At HEGDE, you shall receive extensive hands-on training and practical real-world cases to help you apply and perfect your newly learned skills.


This Training is ideal for beginners and aims at providing basic to advanced knowledge in the evaluation of infertile couple, planning of treatment protocol, ovulation induction protocols, ultrasound monitoring, semen analysis and sperm preparation techniques for IUI.

With experienced professional guidance and state of the art facility, the course shall help the candidate manage infertility patients independently up to the stage of IUI. You will also be taught crucial points of setting up your own fertility unit and running it successfully by emphasizing on a result oriented approach.


  • The training curriculum Is designed with the objective of making the candidate confident of establishing his/her own Centre for Assisted Reproduction.
  • Able to Set- up & operate an Andrology Lab independently.
  • Be self-sufficient in providing fertility treatment to those in need with great success.