How Breast Cancer Affects Fertility

How Breast Cancer Affects Fertility

Breast cancer generally affects 1 in 8 women during their lives. Breast cancer symptoms are visible as it can lead to formation of lumps in the breast. Apart from lumps, the size and shape of the breast also changes and in few cases the liquid starts oozing out from the nipples.

Mammography and breast self examination is required for breast cancer. The possible treatment for breast cancer is surgery. The surgery can either be lumpectomy or mastectomy. Apart from surgery the treatments include radiation therapy, chemotherapy, hormone therapy and targeted therapy.  Targeted therapy is generally preferred as it attacks the cancer cells without harming the normal cells.

Risk Factors for Breast Cancer

There are many different risk factors that can lead to breast cancer. The most common risk factors of breast cancer are:

  • Age

As you grow older the chances of breast cancer increases.

  • Family history

The risk of breast cancer is higher in women who have a family history of breast cancer. Having close relatives suffering with breast cancer doubles the risk of breast cancer.

  • Personal history

When you are diagnosed with breast cancer in one of your breast, it ultimately increases the risk of breast cancer in the other breast.  In few cases the chance of developing an additional cancer in the original affected breast also increases.

  • Race

White women are at high risk of breast cancer when compared to others. In few cases African-American women tend to have more aggressive chronic tumours when they develop breast cancer.

  • Menstruation

Women who started their menstruation cycle at a younger age like before 12 years of age or went through a menopause after 55 years of age are at slightly increased risk of developing breast cancer.

  • Genetic risk

The most common cause of breast cancer is mutations in BRCA1 and BRCA2GENES. These genes are considered as breast cancer genes. When you inherit a mutated gene from your parents, you are at a high risk of developing breast cancer.

Breast Cancer and Fertility

Breast cancer treatments generally affect fertility. Not all breast cancer treatments affect fertility. Chemotherapy has a negative impact on fertility. Surgery and radiation does not have any side effect on fertility.

Breast cancer patients who undergo chemotherapy are at high risk of premature ovarian failure. Chemotherapy also results in early menopause in rare cases.  Chemotherapy mainly depends on the stage of cancer. If the cancer is in an advanced stage then, eventually the dose of chemotherapy will also increase. Invasive breast cancer usually requires systemic chemotherapy.

Age plays an important role in future fertility. The age of a woman at the start of systemic chemotherapy is the deciding factor for infertility. At the age of 30 the fertility in women starts declining and above 40 years of age the risk of infertility increases thus induces menopause.

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