3 Ways You Can Increase Your Chance of Getting Pregnant

3 Ways You Can Increase Your Chance of Getting Pregnant

Pregnancy and motherhood is an important phase in every woman’s life.  To achieve a healthy pregnancy, both the partners should not have any fertility issue that can cause complications or lead to miscarriages.

How to Increase your chances of Getting Pregnant

If you have been trying hard to conceive, but couldn’t do it. Then there are three things that you can think of to increase the chances of getting pregnant. They are:

  1. Keeping a track of ovulation period

It is said that you can have unprotected intercourse throughout the month. It is equally important to know and understand your cycle. You can have a healthy pregnancy when the sperm meets the egg and fertilization is done properly. The egg is generally released around the 14th day of your cycle.

The egg released during the 14th day will only live for a day or two, so you have limited chances when you can actually get pregnant. Ideally, you will be advised to use this limited window to achieve a healthy pregnancy.

This window generally lasts for around 6 days and it is preferred to have sex in this period. You need to concentrate on these days but, taking too much stress can also reduce your chances of getting pregnant. To achieve a healthy pregnancy the initial step is to track your cycle and act accordingly.

  • Having regular intercourse


It is important to have unprotected regular sex for over a year to get pregnant. In case, if you are unable to achieve pregnancy, you can consult the infertility specialists. The success rate of getting pregnant after having unprotected sex for a year is around 84%.

It is recommended to have sex every two to three days in every month.

There is a misconception that you need to stick only to few days to have intercourse in a month when you are ovulating. This is not true, as you can have intercourse at any time in the month.

  • Try de-stressing


Psychological preparedness is important to increase your chances of pregnancy. Hectic and stressful lifestyle can cause problems in achieving a healthy pregnancy. Stressful conditions can lower the egg passage in women.

Stress is the major problem behind 30% of all infertility problems. If you are having a stressful life, you can try physical activities like yoga, meditation and acupuncture to relieve stress and have a healthy pregnancy.

If you are unable to get pregnant after regular intercourse for a year, you must go for an infertility treatment. IVF treatment can be considered in such cases. If you are planning for an IVF treatment, consult Hegde Fertility – best IVF center in Hyderabad.

IVF cost is affordable and can be performed at IVF hospital. The IVF success rate in Hyderabad is high when compared to other cities.

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