8 Apr 2016 Uncategorized

It would be immense pleasure for me to share my experience with Hegde hospital. At every juncture in the treatment I was detailed with the required information regarding the undergoing treatment. Dr. Vandana had clarified all my doubts whenever I was skeptical about the treatment. She had guided me during every phase of the treatment from IUIs to IVF.

Dr.Vandana and hospital staff had helped me a lot when I faced certain issues during IVF conception. The patient concerns were well addressed by the team. I am more delighted for the guidance and valuable treatment given by the doctors. Dr Vijaya, Dr. Vandana, Dr. Vrinda) from conception to delivery by which I am enjoying my motherhood today.

I hope the HEGDE Hospital reaches new heights in the field of infertility and would be very happy to hear many success stories like mine.



Happy Couples :)