How Age Affects Fertility in Women

Age is an important factor in case of fertility issues. Age is having a major effect on female fertility when compared to men. For men age is not an important factor as it does not impact their fertility. Generally a decline in sperm is seen after 45 years of age. After 45 years of age, it will take longer for a man to cause pregnancy. The risk of health issues in babies also increases due to the old age of a man.

Chances of achieving a healthy pregnancy decreases as the woman’s age increases. Old age woman will not be able to release eggs and enter into menopause condition. The menopause results in infertility in women.

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Male Infertility Treatment Skips Surgery

Around 40 % of infertility cases are reported due to male infertility. A man has to sustain proper erection and have a high sperm count to get a woman pregnant. Mature and healthy sperms are required to fertilize an egg. Male infertility treatment can be done without surgery by using the latest infertility treatments to achieve pregnancy.

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New IVF Procedures Leads to Healthy Babies

Generally an egg and sperm are fertilized in woman’s body. The fertilized egg attached to the lining of the womb and continues to grow and thus the baby is born after 9 months. This process is a natural conception and also called as unassisted conception.

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