Laproscopy in Hyderabad

Hegde Hospital is one of the highly regarded and accomplished hospital for Laproscopy in Hyderabad. Laproscopy is a procedure which helps for diagnosis and for management of problems in gynecology which includes infertility.Laproscopy is done using an instrument which is called laproscope.Laproscopy is done by using general anesthesia.This procedure is carried out when a woman is appropriately positioned under aseptic precautions.It enables visual inspection of pelvis and abdomen. Laproscopy which is safe as well as simple day care procedure.This procedure takes 30 minutes to 2 hours.Patients needs to stay in recovery room for few hours after this procedure to wake up from anesthesia.After the completion of this procedure, some one will stay with patients for next 24 hours.We are one of the best hospital for Laproscopy in Hyderabad.

Advantage of Laproscopy

  • Minor traumas which will stand for the abatement of postsurgical pains, a quick recovery of physiological functions, decrease the risk of generating postsurgical spikes.
  • Takes only Short hospital period. This period is often confined in staying in the hospital during the daytime.
  • Reduction of the period of disablement from 2 till 5 times.
  • Cosmetic effect is which traces of 5-10mm pinholes are incomparable with the scars left after the traditional “open” operations which are important in the cosmetic sense.
  • The risk of postoperative hernia developed is reduced at expense of the absence of big incisions.