Ivf Center In Hyderabad

Hegde Hospital was well-known Ivf Center In Hyderabad. vitro fertilization or a “test-tube baby” procedure is advanced treatment in reproduction. Ivf helps woman to get pregnant. All of care and services in Ivf which couples need are available at Hegde. We are most experienced professionals in fields of reproductive system. we at Hegde,assist you to restore hopes and also enhance probability of pregnancy,with help of advanced treatment.We are named as Best Ivf Centre In India.In Ivf Process, Multiple eggs will be removed from woman’s ovary by using a needle which is guided by ultrasound under anesthesia after that mixed with partner’s sperm. Embryos are kept in the incubator for several days and allowed to divide and multiply their cells. Finally it is placed in Uterus.

Ivf  Process Involves

  • Ovaries are stimulated by hormone injections to produce multiple eggs
  • Ultrasound and hormone test helps to monitor the growth of eggs in ovaries
  • HCG injectionis provide to grow the size of eggs
  • From Ovaries,Eggs are removed after 34-38 hours using needle,Introduced via vaginal route.
  • Eggs are mixed with the partner’s semen and placed in incubator
  • Now embryos are placed into the uterus.

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