Best Ivf Center In India

Hegde Hospital is best Ivf Centre In India delivering quality care over 40 decades. Conceiving baby is miracle things. If you fail to have healthy reproductive systems and not planned about intercourse, opportunity to conceive is very less. We built a huge reputation in a very short period of time by helping people through the management of male & female fertility problems and pregnancy.We provide friendly, supportive and personalized care with the support of expert trained doctors.At the time of Ivf Treatment, Women undergoes daily blood tests in order to provide maturity of eggs which is developed in ovaries.When Hormones are given, More than one egg will be produced in ovaries.To know the maturity of eggs, Blood test will be done and to detect no of eggs ultrasound scans are carried out.We are one of the Best Ivf Center In Hyderabad.


Some of the complications which we face during  Ivf Treatment are

1.Multiple gestation, low birth weight and premature delivery.

2.There is a possibility of Pelvic Infection.

3.Minor injuries to your organs closer to the ovaries such as bowel, bladder or blood vessels.

4.Mild to moderate pelvic or abdominal pain.