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What is Intralipid Therapy?

Intralipids are nothing but a mixture of soya bean oil, chicken egg yolk, glycerin, and water. It’s a highly calorific mixture. The infusion is in liquid form and administered through the veins.  It is a non-invasive procedure. It is mostly considered as a part of an infertility treatment cycle by different fertility centers in Hyderabad. The advantage of Intralipid therapy, in Hegde Fertility, IVF center in Madhapur is that it cost effective and it is not a blood component.

Uses of Intralipid Therapy done by best Infertility Specialist

The white blood cells in our body act as protectors. But sometimes because of some unknown reason in some instances, the number of natural killer cells increases when a woman gets pregnant. These cells consider the embryo as a foreign body and start acting against it by preventing its implantation in the womb. This phenomenon is known as implantation failure.

Some auto-immunity disorders (where the body produces antibodies against itself) can also affect the process of implantation. Because of this, the progress of the embryo is hampered and pregnancy is not continued.

Many infertility clinics in Hyderabad, consider Intralipid therapy to have the capacity to overcome these factors. The intralipids can suppress the overactivated natural killer cells. Hence the chances of maintaining the pregnancy are raised.

This therapy is mostly used in females who have a history of implantation failures, multiple miscarriages, and failed 2 or more IVF cycles.

Route of administration:

The patient can be in sitting position while taking intralipid therapy. The intralipids are in the liquid form. Hence, an intravenous line is put into a vein of the arm or the hand of the patient. A drip of the intralipids is started. Each infusion takes approximately an hour to finish. The patient can go home immediately after the drip is over.

The best time to have Intralipid therapy at Fertility Centers

Mostly, intralipid therapy should be given at least once before a pregnancy test and thrice after a positive pregnancy test.

  1. Before embryo transfer(before a pregnancy test)
  2. After a positive pregnancy test
  3. After the 1stUSG scan of the baby.
  4. 3-4 weeks later.

Side effects of Intralipid therapy

No serious adverse effects occur with this therapy. Some patients may complain about a minor headache, nausea and slight fever. This therapy is absolutely not indicated in the patients having an allergy to soyabean oil, eggs, and other ingredients of the blend.

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