How Does Epididymitis Cause Male Infertility?

Inflammation of the epididymis is generally referred as epididymitis. Epididymis is a tube like structure present near the testicles that is responsible for storing sperms. During the inflammation, the epididymis becomes swollen and can cause pain and swelling in your testicles.

Epididymitis is common in men between 14 and 35 years of age, but it can affect men of all age groups. It is mainly caused either by bacterial infection or sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Epididymitis is one of the reasons that can cause male infertility.

Types of Epididymitis

Epididymitis is classified into two categories namely:

  • Acute Epididymitis

Acute epididymitis generally last six weeks or less when compared to chronic epididymitis. During acute epididymitis, your testes get inflamed and this condition is considered as epididymo-orchitis. In most of the cases it is difficult to determine whether the testes and epididymis both are inflamed or either of them.

  • Chronic Epididymitis

Chronic epididymitis last longer more than 6 weeks in most of the cases. The common symptoms associated with chronic epididymitis include pain or discomfort in your scrotum, epididymis or testicles. Chronic epididymitis is caused due to granulomatous reactions that generally result in cysts or calcification.

Epididymitis Symptoms

The common symptoms associated with epididymitis include:

  • Chills
  • Low-grade fever
  • Pelvic pain
  • Pressure in testicles
  • Redness in scrotum
  • Enlarged lymph nodes in the groin
  • Pain during intercourse
  • Abnormal penile discharge
  • Blood in semen

How Does Epididymitis Lead To Male Infertility?

There are certain factors that are responsible for male infertility while suffering with epididymitis. The common conditions include:

  • Blocked Epididymis Tube

Epididymis is connected to epididymis tube, so the infection or inflammation in epididymis can spread to epididymis tube. Infection in epididymis tube can lead to blockage thus, inhibit the sperm transmission. Inhibition of sperm transfer generally leads to infertility.

  • Testicular Infarction

Testicular infarction on both sides generally results in infertility. Epididymitis causes swelling, pain, discomfort and damages the function of your testicles. Testicles are considered as the factory of sperm and when both the sides of testicles are damaged, it results in infertility.

  • Sperm Survival Rate

Sperm survival rate is usually affected with epididymitis. Sperms are mainly produced by testicles and from testicles it enters into the epididymis for further growth and development. Scrotum is responsible to maintain a suitable temperature of testicles. Epididymitis cause pain in scrotum and affects its functions leading to decrease survival rate of the sperms.

  • Anti-Sperm Antibody

Most of the people carry anti-sperm antibody resulting in infertility. Around one third of the epididymitis patients carry anti-sperm antibody that may lead to infertility.

Infertility in men is due to many different factors including epididymitis. Epididymitis and infertility are interrelated and can lead to complications in most of the cases. You can consult infertility specialist to cure epididymitis and infertility related issues. Hegde fertility center is the best fertility center in Hyderabad.

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