Dealing with the Emotional Impact Of Infertility for Men

Infertility is a common problem seen in couples. One in five couples generally suffers from infertility.  Around one-third of the infertility cases are due to male factor infertility. In the majority of cases, the couples don’t consider that infertility can also be caused by a man. That is the reason the man’s sperm testing generally comes as a shock to many.

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Essential Supplement for Fertility and Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a crucial stage that requires a healthy balanced diet for both mother and baby. Nutritious food can help in improving your fertility and make conception easier. To carry a healthy pregnancy, you need to take good care of your overall health and diet.

There are many nutrients that play an important role in improving your fertility and increasing the chances of pregnancy. One of the common essential nutrients required to improve fertility is fatty acids. Most of the foods that you eat on a daily basis lack these essential fatty acids.

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Sperm Disorders leading to Infertility

Sperm disorders generally include the abnormality or defects in the quality or quantity of the sperms produced and defects in sperm emission. Sperm are produced in the testes through a process called spermatogenesis.

During the process of spermatogenesis the immature cells called spermatogonia develops in to mature sperm cells called spermatozoa. The complete process of development of a mature sperm takes place in seminiferous tubules. Each germ cell takes around 72-74 days to completely mature.

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Stress – Cause of Infertility

Infertility is the most common problem seen globally in Most of the women. Infertility is a condition where the woman is unable to conceive. Infertility can be seen in both or either of the partners. Infertility can be caused due to many reasons and it can be treated with medication and different treatments like in-vitro fertilization (IVF) and intrauterine insemination (IUI).

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Rise in the need of Infertility Clinics and Specialists


According to one latest research, the Indian birth rate is decreasing. The number of females conceiving naturally has far much reduced over the last few years. Research suggests that there is significant rise of 20 to 30 % in infertility cases in India in the last 5 years.

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